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Phillip Panzica the infamous ferris wheel sex guy was killed at a Houston strip club after dropping off his fiancee, a dancer at the club.


The Houston Chronicle gave the killer’s cryptic last words before the fatal shooting.

“One of the shooters, 28-year-old Bryant Christopher Watts, allegedly told Panzica, “You need to come clean,” before blasting off multiple shots…”

What did Panzica need to come clean about? We might never know. But we do know this, he wasn’t a shy person:

“[Ferris wheel] employees told the lewd lovers to put out their cigarettes and get dressed numerous times over the ride’s intercom system, but they only stopped briefly before continuing their romp…Police wrote in a report that the video shows Panzica taking off Scordianos’s dress, exposing his private parts and performing oral sex.”

So we pour one out for you, Ferris Wheel Sex Dude. All of us are you at some point in our lives, a “lewd lover” refusing to put our proverbial cigarettes out on the ferris wheel of life. But perhaps the slogan of the High Roller Ferris Wheel says it all. High Roller: the happiest half hour in Vegas.

In this lonely universe let’s savior the happy half hours, there are so few.

h/t NY Post