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Old Dr. Kinsky said that sexuality is a spectrum or in other words we are all a little gay (except the ones who aren’t.) Yes, sexuality is a complex arrangement of identity, outward and inward, that’s based on nature, nurture and circumstance. Some people swing both ways or all ways. But a new study from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it’s more common that we might have thought:

“‘Researchers found that of people who identified as straight, 12.6% of women and 2.8% of men had engaged in some form of ‘same-sex sexual contact.’Which doesn’t sound like much. But think about it like this. Of your ten female friends, one of them has probably had gay sex. And if you have 50 male friends, one of them has probably had gay sex too. Interesting.'” [Metro UK]

In other words, it’s not just people who identify as bi-sexual who sex with the same gender, it’s people who identify as straight, too. What does it all mean? Well, the outmoded ideas of a binary gender and sexual orientation might be going the way of the dodo. If this study is any augur of the breaking down of such notions we’re all for that.

In other words, you do you:

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