Before You Were Born

Dinosaurs Tripped on Shrooms and Other News

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  • Remember that time when you were in college watching Jurassic Park and your stoner roommate said, “Dude those dinosaurs are totally tripping on shrooms.” And you laughed and mocked him and told him to read a book once and awhile. Well, turns out he might’ve been on to something, you pretentious prick. Scientists discovered that 100 million years ago the grass that was eaten by dinosaurs was topped with a fungus similar to ergot, which nowadays they use to make LSD. “And if they already seemed a little scary, imagine a huge sauropod dinosaur that just ate a large portion of this psychotropic fungus, which in other animal species can cause anything from hallucinations to delirium, gangrene, convulsions or the staggers. The fungus, the grasses it lived on and dinosaurs that ate grass co-existed for millions of years.” Totally.
  • Bob Dylan is making us love music again. He gave a 30 minute thank you speech to a room of his peers. He detailed the origins of many of his most famous songs, praised Johnny Cash, and gave his critics a few jabs too. It also included this: “Tom loves little baby ducks, slow moving trains and rain. He loves old pickup trains and little country streams. Sleeping without dreams. Bourbon in a glass. Coffee in a cup. Tomatoes on the vine, and onions.” We’ll leave it at that.
  • You may be surprised to learn even people in the olden days liked funny GIFs just like right here on the internet! It’s true. People knew how to do all kinds of stuff back then. And they didn’t need our fancy laptops. Check out these early GIFs. Brought to you here in GIF form.
  • We’re headed back to snowy New York soon but we’ve loved our time in sunny LA. We wanted to leave you with one of our favorite odes to sleezy LA. “Illegal fun, under the sun.”