The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time

It's midnight somewhere.

By Phil Nugent and Andrew Osborne

"Cult movie" is a hard thing to pin down. For the purposes of this list — celebrating the tenth anniversary of Donnie Darko — we've put a premium on the intensity and selectiveness of a movie's appeal. We've also limited each director to one film. See
you at midnight!

1. Barbarella (1968)

The first R-rated comic-book movie stars Jane Fonda as a planet-hopping secret agent who has trouble keeping her clothes on. It was directed by Fonda's then-husband, Roger Vadim, who must have seen it as an opportunity to spend nine million dollars' of producer Dino De Laurentiis' money just to tell every ticket-buying man in the world, "Eat your heart out!" — P.N.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Any movie can have fans, and just about any science fiction, fantasy, or superhero movie these days might inspire those fans to dress up as their favorite characters and attend a convention. But the cult of the Coen Brothers' stoner detective bowling phantasmagoria is even more grassroots and bizarre, with the faithful not just mimicking characters from the film, but also props and appendages (like the rug that really ties the Dude's room together and Bunny Lebowski's severed toe). — A.O.

3. Brazil (1985)

Terry Gilliam's Brazil is the arguably the best (unofficial) movie version of Orwell's 1984 ever made, and certainly beats the pants off every official version. The movie only became more legendary, and more dear to the hearts of its cultists, thanks to Universal Pictures' attempts to geld it; their "happy ending" version is hilarious precisely because it looks as if it had been re-edited by Brazil's propagandist villains. — P.N.

4. Breathless (1960)

American film brats from Martin Scorsese to Quentin Tarantino have long been devotees of the French New Wave, helping to popularize the movement's aesthetic of handheld cinematography, jump cuts, and cool-cat naturalism. Jean-Luc Godard's tale of lovers on the lam was itself inspired by film noir, and has since returned the favor by influencing the style of countless Hollywood film and TV productions, from Bonnie & Clyde to Breaking Bad. — A.O.

5. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

James Whale's sequel to his own 1931 Frankenstein is the wildest and greatest of all the classic Universal horror movies, and, with Ernest Thesiger's high-camp performance as the misanthropic mad scientist, an early Hollywood landmark of coded gay sensibilities. — P.N.

6. Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

Ornery genius filmmaker Sam Peckinpah effectively dynamited what was left of his Hollywood career with this movie, which was released to universal condemnation but endures as one his most personal films. Cult character god Warren Oates plays the scurvy loser whose last chance to make some bread is to perform the action alluded to in the film's cut-to-the-chase title. This might be the movie whose existence demanded that somebody coin the term "scuzzball classic." — P.N.

7. The Brood (1979)

David Cronenberg redefined the possibilities of the horror movie as a vehicle for personal filmmaking with this, his first great movie. Samantha Eggar plays a woman who becomes so successful at channeling the rage she feels towards her parents, her estranged husband, and others, that she literally births a series of monsters that brutally attack whoever she's mad at. Cronenberg, who conceived the film while going through a divorce, calls it his version of Kramer vs. Kramer. — P.N.

8. Clerks (1994)

Clerks made a big splash for its DIY aesthetic and ear for vulgarity, but its lasting appeal suggests it has a kind of universality. Dante and Randall are the patron saints of wise-ass wage slaves everywhere, while Jay & Silent Bob (and their real-life counterparts, Jason Mewes and the film's auteur, Kevin Smith) represent the freedom (and hazards) of life beyond timecard conformity. — A.O.

9. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Probably the cultiest big-name American director of his generation, Stanley Kubrick in his prime had a delightful habit of concocting large-scale outrages, presenting major studios with the bills, and making them like it. His urban sci-fi black comedy about violence and free will made Malcolm McDowell an icon and changed the way people think about movie brutality, and also how they hear "Singin' in the Rain." P.N.

10. Death Race 2000 (1975)

Roger Corman's signature mixture of action, satire, titillation, politics, and cheap thrills reached its zenith in this sci-fi splatter comedy. Death Race 2000 (about a futuristic game show based on running over pedestrians) just about demanded that someone step up and create the video-game industry, so that its gimmick could find its true home. Holding the loose elements together is David Carradine, a natural star and a man whose whole life was a cult movie — one where too many of the best parts probably happened when no cameras were around. — P.N.

Commentarium (501 Comments)

Oct 27 11 - 12:16am

No Blues Brothers? For shame!

Oct 27 11 - 10:09am
Alex Heigl

That's hardly a cult film at this point. I mean, the Vatican endorses it.

Oct 28 11 - 6:02am
easy joe

and somehow fight club is considered cult, which is weird considering its pretty much a requirement for high school; breakfast club status

Oct 27 11 - 1:18am

Glad to see The Warriors made it on here!

Oct 27 11 - 2:34am

Barbarella and "Faster! Pussycat" are basically my erotic fantasies incarnate. Love. <3

Oct 27 11 - 2:54am

Which Little Shop of Horrors? I'm assuming the black-and-white one from the 60s, but I personally prefer the musical version.

Oct 27 11 - 3:12am

Highlander. Campy as hell, but you've gotta love the Kurgan.

Oct 31 11 - 4:13am
Fritz Fredrick Ptasynski

The Kurgan...Clancy Brown - a great actor. He also had a good part in Extreme Prejudice with Nick Nolte and Powers Boothe. Currently, he does the narration or voiceover for BMW or one of the other car companies' ads on TV.

Oct 27 11 - 9:52am

Evil Dead 2 > than original, especially in cult status. I might even say the same about Dawn of the Dead, as that one has more of the culty/fun quality to it. Regardless, fun list.

Nov 07 11 - 7:02am

I gotta agree about Evil Dead 2, i liked the first one, truly. But Evil Dead 2 almost felt like a remake with better acting, dialogue and effects. Which i don't think it should lose cult status for. Plus - it lead way into the very entertaining Army of Darkness..."Hail to the King baby..."

Nov 30 11 - 5:18pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

The first one was much more about the scary - the second one pushed the comedy angle.

Oct 27 11 - 9:54am

I wish there was some argument made as to why they're in this order at all. Without that, it just seems like "Here is a list of movies I like, in the order I thought of them, some of which are cult movies."

Oct 27 11 - 10:09am

consult your alphabet.

Oct 27 11 - 11:49am

Hahahaha! Well, touché. I would still say that having to put them in some sort of order would have encouraged some sort of analysis or thought beyond "a list of good movies."

Nov 07 11 - 3:06am

Well it's not just a "list of good movies". It is quite clear that it is the author's personal 50 greatest cult movies of all time in alphabetical order. It's not that complicated.

Oct 27 11 - 10:37am


Oct 27 11 - 10:52am
Wait Five Minutes

What about "Wings of Desire?"

Oct 27 11 - 11:56am

THE ROOM! Tommy Wiseau is the auteur of our time.

Oct 27 11 - 12:09pm
True dat

Unforgiveable omission by the author...

Oct 27 11 - 1:09pm

Also Birdemic: Shock and Awe and Troll 2, and probably a few others in the new "laughing at you not with you" cult canon.

Oct 27 11 - 12:10pm

Where is "Billy Jack"?

Oct 27 11 - 12:13pm
Carlos Cabrera

This is a great list - one or two I'd like to see here from the honorable mentions (like Wet Hot) - but it's a great list... Except for Donnie Darko. Only teenagers who had never seen, oh I don't know, any other movie made before then, thought it was the best film ever. Richard Kelly was overhyped and Southland Tales was the proof.

Oct 27 11 - 3:09pm

I have to disagree with you on that. I thought Donnie Darko was a fantastic movie.

Nov 08 11 - 1:18am

Donnie Darko was brilliant!

Jan 12 12 - 12:46am

The key was to watch Donnie Darko before Tales from Southland. Also, avoid S. Darko. I couldn't stand more than 15 minutes of that drivel.

Oct 27 11 - 12:18pm

Glad Hedwig at least made honorable mentions.... guess "you, kant, always get what you want", though...

Jun 14 12 - 9:56pm

I like you, I think we should be friends.

Oct 27 11 - 12:23pm
Kieran McCarthy

UHF, people.

Oct 27 11 - 9:59pm


Oct 31 11 - 4:31pm

Conan the Librarian!!!

Oct 27 11 - 12:27pm

what about Mondo Cane?

Oct 27 11 - 12:39pm

What about Trainspotting and Wayne's World?

Oct 31 11 - 9:05pm

For real, no Trainspotting?!?!?!

Nov 08 11 - 1:19am

True, Trainspotting is a horrible omission.

Nov 08 11 - 4:42pm

Trainspotting could not be a cult film as it is placed as one of the greatest British films of all time by BFI in '04.

Oct 27 11 - 12:54pm

No JODOROWSKY - puhleeez!! the godfather of the midnite movie

Oct 28 11 - 12:03pm

El Topo is listed under Honorable mention!

Oct 27 11 - 1:56pm


Nov 07 11 - 7:05am

Sweet! Was just thinking that.

Oct 27 11 - 1:58pm

Great list of films! I was stoked to see repo man on it, and I am surprised to learn that Fight Club is a cult film. So many people I know love (or at least strongly like) that flick.

More, please.

Oct 27 11 - 2:08pm

No Tommy?

May 30 12 - 3:12pm

Yes! I've watched it over and over and over and over! Listened to the original rock opera by the Who (not the soundtrack, although the soundtrack couldn't be beat either) the same... over and over etc..... so so good~ so good.. Thanks for the mention... An all time fav!

Oct 27 11 - 2:15pm

Up In Smoke!!!
possibly the funniest movie of all time.....

Blow Up.

May 30 12 - 3:16pm

Yess! A classic and cult fav.. best one they ever made, imho~

Oct 27 11 - 2:15pm
David Ehrenstein

What no "Performance"? No list of cult films is complete without "Performance." And while I'm on the subject, where's "Thundercrack!" and "Cobra Woman"?

Oct 27 11 - 4:00pm

Yes!! Performance is one of the great "...what am I watching?" cult films.

Nov 30 11 - 5:21pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

The one with the Stones?

Oct 27 11 - 2:34pm

I remember about 8 years ago or so, either Time or Newsweek, said Willy Wonka was the cultiest movie of all time. I can see why it would fit with this list, but at the same time, when most children in America have seen that at least 5 times before age 10, can it really be a cult movie? Glad to see Totoro on this list, the Miyazaki people, of which I am one, are a very interesting group, since many tend not to be into Anime.

May 30 12 - 3:19pm

I liked both the old and the new, although the old with Gene Wilder was a touch better, in my book. I love The Imagination Song.. Kids have some of the best taste in things sometimes .. :)

Oct 27 11 - 2:37pm

Your illustration for Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song is a scene from 1973 vampire art film Ganja & Hess!

Oct 27 11 - 2:41pm
Armpit hair

This list is missing the following movies. Therefore the aforementioned list of "cult classics" is a complete sham. Here are some REAL cult classics regarding said list: Fear and Loathing, The Hitman, 300, Battle of Los Angelas, Home Alone 1, Space Jam, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars: Episode 1, Death Wish 1, and Mortal Combat.

Oct 28 11 - 6:13am

Are you 12 or just trolling?

Oct 28 11 - 9:30am
Armpit hair

Obviously trolling. But let's take one moment and acknowledge the fact that some of the movies I listed should be named in this "Cult Classic" top 50 list. Or even if you don't like my taste in movies, the top 50 list produced by this website is ridiculous.

Oct 31 11 - 4:05pm

So... you're trolling but also you're serious? I'd say (judging by the list you made) not only is your taste in movies questionable, but you clearly don't know what a cult classic is. Also, if something is the first in a series you don't need to put "1" after it. Death Wish is just called Death Wish... not Death Wish 1.

Nov 01 11 - 8:10pm
Scrotal hair

"Angelas" WTF? Loser.

Nov 04 11 - 2:27am
safe as houses

He's kidding, I hope you're kidding.

Nov 04 11 - 9:10am

... I agree with Fear and Loathing..... that's it. I'd class that as a cult classic personally.

Nov 04 11 - 8:28pm

I'd agree with breakfast club too.. and ask why Dark Star is not on the original list or the "didn't make it" list either.

Oct 27 11 - 2:52pm

Good list, but where is Rock & Roll High School? The Ramones, Riff Randall, Mrs. Togar. Come on!!!!

Oct 31 11 - 4:32pm


Oct 27 11 - 3:15pm

WHAT? Taxi Driver is at #43?? It's one of the greatest movies ever made..

Oct 27 11 - 3:33pm

The numbers are just there to baffle and infuriate. The list is in alphabetical order.

Oct 27 11 - 3:36pm

Great list and I agree with most of the films on here. Instead of being like "OMG WHY ISN'T MY FAVORITE CULT FILM ON HERE AOSDFUOASDUF" I would just like to suggest the fantastic film "Ladies and Gentleman, the Fabulous Stains".

Oct 27 11 - 3:47pm


Oct 27 11 - 4:16pm

On that note: "If", "Paris, Texas", "The Trip"... the list goes on.

Nov 08 11 - 1:54am

oh yes! ladies & gentelemn, the fabulous stains is the cultiest best, but noone has ever heard of it!

Nov 12 11 - 7:12pm
Omgwana Kikbuti

I'm glad someone mentioned "if...", since that and "O Lucky Man!" were on my mind the whole time I was reading this...

Oct 27 11 - 3:39pm

Barbarella?!?!?! Over The Big Lebowski of all movies??!!? I normally really don't take such lists seriously, but I gotta call b.s on this one. Seriously, no way does Barbarella deserve #1. Too campy and over the top and tries too had. Instead,you should have picked the super cool Danger Diabolik. Much better.

Oct 27 11 - 4:00pm

i can't believe these idiot critics put barbarella first in the alphabet!

Oct 28 11 - 12:47am

I get it,it's alphabetical, that's not the point here,and it was obviously lost on you.

Oct 28 11 - 6:17am

You really cant be that stupid.the list is alphabdtical, what could your point possibly be? Go kill yourself immediately.

Nov 01 11 - 8:08pm

Yes, the list is "alphabdtical", he must be stupid. Unlike you.

Nov 12 11 - 7:16pm
Omgwana Kikbuti

The very idea of a "cult" movie does not speak to whether a film is "too campy and over the top and tries too hard" or not...or whether a different "super cool" movie is "much better"...but whether it has built up a cult following. And "Barbarella" has, indeed, even if it's as one as incomprehensible to me as several of the others on this list. But then, again, that's the POINT of cult movies--there are certain people that "get" them, and many that don't.

May 30 12 - 3:27pm

I watched Barbarella as a little kid peeping from the back seat at the drive-in. We were supposed to be sleeping. That movie changed my consciousness and life. When I grew up, saw it again, yes, it was kind of stupid, but it was great too.. I loved the scene where the angel explains to her as he carries her, angels can feel only peace, not emotion.. So humans can feel peace and get to feel emotion.. We are blessed! I'm glad they give the knod to it, and I agree with Omgwana Kikbuti, certain peeps get them, certain don't.. :)

Oct 27 11 - 3:42pm

But,super glad to see Repo Man, always good, and BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA!!!!!!!!!

Oct 27 11 - 3:48pm

Jacob's Ladder!

Oct 27 11 - 4:01pm

The Room? Seriously The Room ranks up there with Rocky Horror in terms of fan loyalty and cultdom.

Oct 27 11 - 4:05pm

Man Bites Dog (or as it's known in France - C'est arrivé près de chez vous)

Nov 08 11 - 7:07pm

oh man, that movie is amazing in horrible kind of way.

Oct 27 11 - 4:08pm
EJ Dickson

Troll 2.

Thats all.

Oct 27 11 - 4:45pm

Hedwig is only a runner-up? For shame!

Oct 27 11 - 5:21pm

What about trainspotting?

Oct 27 11 - 5:30pm

Any movie by Fritz Lang, Boondock Saints, the Marilyn Monroe movie where she plays the crazy schoolteacher, Harvey, The Thin Man, All About Eve, the first movie Tim Roth made, Manhunter, Our Man in Havana, Under the Volcano, and Make Mine Mink

Jan 13 12 - 9:10pm

Boondock Saints for sure!

May 30 12 - 4:29pm

Forgot how great Boondock Saints was..

Oct 27 11 - 5:45pm

The further adventures of bukaroo banzai

Nov 30 11 - 5:54pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

That Manhunter movie excels in almost every way. Made with a very modest budget but many people who saw it before seeing the GIANT budget Silence of the Lambs still think it is the better movie.

Oct 27 11 - 6:05pm


Oct 28 11 - 6:18am

Way too mainstream

Oct 28 11 - 3:46pm
Frank Booth

Perhaps the poster was referring to the original 1932 gangster film starring Paul Muni and George Raft, produced by Howard Hughes, directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson.
But, probably not.

Nov 01 11 - 8:07pm

I was.

Oct 27 11 - 6:12pm
Jeff C

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Nov 03 11 - 6:52pm
Kasey B.

Yes! It is far superior to Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill! One of the most incredible "Wait, WHAT?!" movies ever made.

Oct 27 11 - 6:44pm
David Ehrenstein

Definitely "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai" --"Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy!"
The Marilyn Monroe movie you're thinking of is "Don't Bother to Knock" where she plays an insane babysitter. Rather painful to watch becuase if you know anything about marilyn she was hardly acting at all, poor lamb.

Oct 27 11 - 6:48pm

I'm with Deks on Buckaroo Banzai, love this list a lot but I would add Vanishing Point - a true cult classic - and Sorcerer, cult-y because nobody watches it and it rocks.

Oct 30 11 - 8:15am

Good one with Sorcerer !
Very strange, beautiful and fantastic movie by an A list director that NO ONE saw.

Nov 30 11 - 6:04pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

Sorcerer was incredible, extremely intense and suspenseful with excellent cinematography. Vanishing Point is almost the definition of a cult movie with some of the best car chase work I've ever seen.

Nov 30 11 - 6:36pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

PLUS, for no particular reason, a 100% hot blonde chick riding around on a motorcycle while she is 100% naked. Vanishing Point is a movie worthy of your time.

May 30 12 - 3:34pm

Thanks for your tip on Sorcerer. I put it on my Netflix queue. I love Roy Scheider. I loved him in Jaws when he jerks up in the boat, as he realizes the fish is a big mo fo, hee. He was great in The French Connection and Klute too. Vanishing Point is a movie worth your time, I agree.

Oct 27 11 - 7:11pm

Gee do you think you're maybe underselling Breathless just a little bit. I mean I get that it certainly has accrued a rather fetishistic fanbase over the years, but it's definitely more than just a weird old French movie Quentin Tarantino happens to like (and that people who happen to like Tarantino happen to like); in fact you could easily make a case for it being among the most influential movies of all time. So excuse me for finding it a little out-of-place among The Big Lebowski and Donnie Darko, of all things.

Oct 27 11 - 7:54pm

Fubar is the cult classic to beat all cult classics, you obvs have not heard of it. look it up and you will see

Nov 01 11 - 8:06pm

Trevor is the cult classic to beat all cult classics, you obvs have not heard of it. look it up and you will see

Oct 27 11 - 8:06pm
Philippe Gaboury

Goonies needs to be in there...

Oct 28 11 - 9:31am
Mr. Kennedy

No. No it doesn't.

Oct 28 11 - 3:49pm
Frank Booth

They will be some day because Goonies never say die.

Oct 27 11 - 8:06pm

Last House on the Left.

Oct 27 11 - 8:14pm

?Meet the Feebles?

Oct 27 11 - 8:40pm

The Holy Mountain? Magic Christian? The Devils? Tommy? Pink Floyd's The Wall? Caligula? Oh Lucky Man?

Oct 28 11 - 11:43am

Magic Christian for damn sure - and Candy for real good measure. And while we're on "movies with Ringo Starr in them", how about The Point and 200 Motels?

Nov 03 11 - 9:50pm
Oliver Twist

I'm thinking where is "If.....?"

Nov 12 11 - 7:19pm
Omgwana Kikbuti

Glad to see more "votes" for "if..." and "O Lucky Man!"

May 30 12 - 4:05pm

LOVED Magic Christian! Hee lair ree us! I never appreciated Peter Sellers enough 'til that one. And Ringo was a cutie.. Loved it!!!!!

Oct 27 11 - 9:00pm

If they're going to include "Mysterious Skin" they have to include "Doom Generation" and "Nowhere".

Oct 27 11 - 10:56pm

WTF?! What about "Tremors"?

Oct 28 11 - 9:32am
Plaid and Mildew

That's a great point!

Oct 28 11 - 11:44am


Oct 28 11 - 12:08am

Greatest of all time: The Seventh Seal.
Also overlooked: Some Like It Hot, The Princess Bride.
No way Barbarella out rates the Dude.

Nov 12 11 - 7:21pm
Omgwana Kikbuti

I'm thinking "The Seventh Seal," "Some Like it Hot," and "The Princess Bride" were omitted because of their greater popular ("mass") appeal than many of the films on this list.

Oct 28 11 - 12:26am
Clint Chidester

What about A Man & His Dog?

Oct 28 11 - 3:57pm
Frank Booth

Do you mean One Man and His Dog (2004) with Bobby George and Paul Danan or A Boy and His Dog (1975) with Don Johnson and Jason Robards? If you mean the latter then I agree it belongs on this list.

Oct 29 11 - 5:34pm

defintiely A Boy and His Dog

Oct 28 11 - 1:28am

No Princess Bride? Inconceivable!

Oct 28 11 - 6:20am


Oct 28 11 - 4:58am

A good list, indeed, but man, I saw some on there that I'd never even heard of, which really makes me doubt them being the "greatest" cult films, let alone cult films at all. That said, movies that obviously have big followings like The Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the aforementioned Princess Bride, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Trainspotting, Snatch... I can't help but wonder. That said, most such lists are really just a favorites list for the author, so it's all relative. Big Man On Campus and Freaked would've both been on mine, noting the subjectivity of it.

Nov 04 11 - 2:35am
safe as houses

try not to judge greatness by your own lack of knowledge. I know of all but 2 of the films on the list. Maybe you should try Nexflix or your local library. "The Greatest" Cult Films That SAAN Has Heard Of." I should be a short but interesting list.

Oct 28 11 - 5:37am

What no "Fast Times as Ridgemont High"? Or "Spaceballs"?

Oct 28 11 - 6:33am


Oct 28 11 - 9:33am
Plaid and Mildew

btard, you're clearly an idiot.

Nov 01 11 - 8:02pm
Played and Mildred

btard, you should be ashamed of yourself for being such an idiot. Try reading books. Perhaps Plaid and Mildew can do some after-school retard coaching for you.

Oct 28 11 - 6:34am

*spaceballs FTW

Oct 28 11 - 6:42am

Requiem for a dream deserves a spot

Oct 28 11 - 9:05pm

Pi is on the list.

Nov 04 11 - 2:36am
safe as houses

Really? You could watch that twice?

Oct 28 11 - 11:00am

No Vanishing Point or Swampthing. Good list but these weren't even considered

Oct 28 11 - 12:01pm
Alex Heigl

Vanishing Point + 1.

Oct 29 11 - 4:56pm

Swamp Thing, also + 1

Oct 28 11 - 11:48am

No "Forbidden Zone?" Lame.

Nov 01 11 - 8:01pm
A Guy

Hi Carl. I'm so sorry that you're lame, but really, there's no need to be hard on yourself. Perhaps if you signed your posts "Empowered" instead, the power of positive thinking would help you throw off your lameness? Or perhaps by accepting Jesus into your heart, you could overcome this physical disability. Love you, man.

May 30 12 - 4:10pm

I'm so glad to keep getting all these new movies peeps love for my queue... Forbidden Zone.. added... Thanks for the comment :)

Oct 28 11 - 11:50am

No GUMMO or KIDS?? - Requiem for a dream surely deserves to be on the list
But so happy to see Welcome To The Dollhouse made the cut

Oct 28 11 - 11:51am

or Momento?

Nov 08 11 - 1:29am

Memento, yes!

Oct 28 11 - 12:26pm

Man Bites Dog (or as it's known in France - C'est arrivé près de chez vous)

That was exaclt what i was thinking. That movie should be in the top 10. But i guess it's too cult for this list.

Oct 28 11 - 12:58pm

Hooray! "Withnail and I" is brilliant!

Oct 28 11 - 1:03pm

Re-Animator's screenplay writer Dennis Paoli was a proffessor of mine. Gotta shoot him a question to see how he feels about his film loved as a cult film

Oct 28 11 - 1:04pm

Hey!! Where's "Tron"?!! D8

Nov 01 11 - 7:58pm
Some Guy

In the used bin at the video shop...

Nov 08 11 - 1:30am

$2 while they last!

Oct 28 11 - 1:06pm

Re-Animator's screenplay writer Dennis Paoli was a proffessor of mine. Gotta shoot him a question to see how he feels about his film loved as a cult film

Nov 01 11 - 7:58pm
A Guy


Oct 28 11 - 1:08pm

I think THE GOONIES and NEWSIES are the biggest omissions. For the people I know between the ages of 18-34, those are the two movies that I always hear about. And the fervor over NEWSIES is such that Disney finally authorized the creation of a Broadway-bound musical production, which the theater geeks I know of that age group are going bonkers about....

Oct 28 11 - 1:08pm

...which the theatre geeks I know of IN that age group..."

Nov 08 11 - 1:31am

Newsies was HORRIBLE.

Oct 28 11 - 1:32pm

A Clockwork Orange IS NOT A CULT FILM. It is a masterpiece.

Nov 01 11 - 7:57pm

It can't be both?

May 30 12 - 3:54pm

Masterpiece is correct. And both. I agree.. and I listened to the soundtrack for years repeatedly as a teenager.. It still rings in my head many years later.. Malcom McDowell did his work well in that one. We enjoyed showing it to our young next generation.. A must see to really be in the curve of our generations/society imho..

Aug 27 12 - 5:02pm

Just for reference sake, Stanley Kubrick was British. Not an American director as it says.

Oct 28 11 - 2:15pm

Here a few others that I am missing:
* Videodrome
* The Blair witch project
* Soylent green
* The cook, the thief, her wife and his lover
* Festen
* The lawnmower man

And most definitely Tron!

Oct 28 11 - 2:31pm

The Blair Witch Project and Soylent Green, at least, were just regular hits, not cult hits.

May 30 12 - 4:14pm

Loved Soylent Green!!!!!!! And Lawmower Man!!!!!! Real classics.. :)

Oct 28 11 - 3:58pm

Princess Bride
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex *but were afraid to ask
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Monty Python's Life of Brian

Breathless is a classic but not a cult film. This probably could be said for others on the list.

May 30 12 - 4:17pm

One of if not the best thing Monty Python ever did, Life of Bryan, imho..

Oct 28 11 - 4:21pm
Frank Booth

Serenity (2005)
The Long Riders (1980)
A Midnight Clear (1992)
Love Me If You Dare (2003)

Oct 28 11 - 6:54pm

Putting Holy Grail anywhere lower than top 5 (maybe number one) is a travesty.

Nov 01 11 - 9:02am

If only Monty Python titled it "A Holy Grail" it would have been number one. But since they didn't have the foresight of knowing that there may be other movies which start with letters preceding the letter "H", we will have to live with the travesty of it not being number one. If I ever make a movie, I will make certain that the title of the movie starts with "AAA ...." like "AAA Merry Christmas" so I will foil any hopes of ChristianH's favorite move being first in an alphabetical list.

Nov 01 11 - 7:56pm
Another Greg

Hahahahahahaha!!! ChristianH pwned!

Oct 28 11 - 7:51pm

Blade Runner is a fucking "runner-up"? Good god. And where's the Kurosawa? 'Ran'? Good lord.

Nov 01 11 - 9:04am

Al pha bet it cal. Alpha bet itcal. Alphabetical. It rather an unusual way to make a list, I know.

Nov 08 11 - 1:33am

Got sum dum biches up in here...don't get that alfabettical vibe go'n on!

Oct 28 11 - 8:10pm

Big Trouble In Little China!!!

Nov 01 11 - 6:24pm


Oct 28 11 - 9:18pm

Can someone please define "cult movie" for me?

Oct 28 11 - 11:29pm
Two Cents

Movies about young horses.

Oct 31 11 - 9:04pm

A movie that has a passionate fan base that make non-fans or strangers ask the passionate ones "are you in a cult or something?"

May 30 12 - 4:21pm

Good answer Pollywog

Oct 28 11 - 10:04pm

um...Fritz The Cat!

Killer list though.

Oct 29 11 - 4:52pm

I'd go with American Pop or heavy Traffic, just because I like those movies more and they seem to have more re-watch value (a must for a cult film). But any Bakshi!!!

Oct 28 11 - 11:38pm
Two Cents

Cannibal Holocaust. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World (with Phil Silvers and others). Mickey One.

Nov 30 11 - 6:59pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

That MMMM World movie is the funniest movie I've ever seen. It starred or had cameos by a large percentage of the popular comics of it's time + Spencer Tracy and Peter Falk. It also had terrific special effects and stunt work. The "race to find the suitcase full of money" plot keeps you interested from the first minute to the last second. It was also a long enough movie to require an intermission in the theaters. Good stuff.

Oct 29 11 - 12:04am

Live the list, but I would have found a spot for Escape from New York. I know The Thing was the John Carpenter movie, and it was good. But Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, Isaac Hayes as the Duke of New York, Adrienne Barbeau, Ernest Borgnine, Lee F'n Van Cleef!, Donald Pleasance and Harry Dean Stanton? That's a sweet line up.

Oct 29 11 - 4:53pm

The Thing is one of the greatest movies ever (in my book), but I totally agree, for the cult list, it's got to be Escape From New York

May 30 12 - 4:24pm

I agree completely about The Thing Idleprimate, the original and the new one too, I thought :) Got to watch Escape to New York again, BlueCarp, you're right.. that is a great line up of actors/stars. :)

Oct 29 11 - 12:42am

Strange Brew

Oct 29 11 - 6:16am

half baked

Nov 08 11 - 1:36am

but, have you seen "half baked"...on WEED?

Oct 29 11 - 6:17am

american psycho

May 30 12 - 4:26pm


Oct 29 11 - 6:30am

sick of these 'lists' by clueless people

Nov 30 11 - 7:55pm
Buck A. Fuzzard

the fun of the list, especially if you also read the feedback, is that you may find a good movie or two that you wouldn't be aware of otherwise. so at least it's not a wast of time.

May 30 12 - 4:49pm

You are so right, Buck A. Fuzzard... I am getting quite a list of must watches going from this site and comments, even if some of them are considered classics as opposed to cult classics. Cool Hand Luke for exp. that is a classic, not a cult classic, but a must see, imho.. :) love ya Bucky :)

Oct 29 11 - 11:53am

I vote for "Vanishing Point" and "Duel" -- both car-related movies, and both that I would watch today.

Oct 29 11 - 12:15pm

*Plan 9 from Outer Space

Oct 29 11 - 12:35pm

I it too soon to add Drive to the list?

Oct 29 11 - 1:34pm

Your missing Pulp Fiction

Nov 01 11 - 8:25pm

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! That should have been number one to me.

Nov 03 11 - 5:24am

Great film..but a Cult classic ? Hardly. Just a classic.

Oct 29 11 - 2:20pm

Where's Black Dynamite....Dine-O-mite!

Oct 29 11 - 4:44pm

The writer can screw off with his dig at Aronofsky.

Oct 29 11 - 4:50pm

Head (1968); the monkees movie. a complete mindf*ck

also, I would add, considering the sort ov movies that are in the list:

The Muppet Movie
Popeye (1980)
The Dark Crystal
Pink Floyd The Wall
Heavy Metal
Quest For Fire

(off the top of my head)

judos for the Repo Man love

Nov 08 11 - 1:38am

Popeye was the first ever movie I walked out on...horrible. I'm with you on Head and Heavy Metal, though.

May 30 12 - 4:54pm

Quest for Fire! Yes! Beastmaster.. good one (maybe not cult classic, but a good movie), The Dark Chrystal, awesome too.. So sorry you didn't like Popeye Brian, I simply LOVED it, and would like to see it again and can't understand why peeps didn't like it... oh well.. :) I havn't seen Repo Man, but I loved Repo Men with Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker

Oct 29 11 - 4:54pm

Logan's Run would be a nice addition too

Oct 29 11 - 6:15pm

Actually what makes the Thing prequel pretty awesome (and possibly the most under-appreciated movie of 2011) is that it uses a minimal amount of CGI compared to its contemporaries and relies instead on virtuoso puppetry. The monsters are clearly in homage to the original but also take it to the next level in Freudian creepiness.

Oct 29 11 - 8:33pm

shouldnt my favorite of All time be included : Peter sellers "Being There"!!

Oct 30 11 - 8:20am

I like to watch

Oct 30 11 - 2:28pm

Director :Hal Ashby should get his due recognition for this one . Plus Harold and Maude and others ...

Nov 05 11 - 9:08am

YES! Someone remembered "Harold and Maude" Thank you!

Oct 30 11 - 2:30am
You kidding?

Really no Boondock Saints? Real cults formed because of that movie.

Oct 30 11 - 6:07am

I really Need to have Ferris Bueller's Day Off on this so called list. I mean that movie gave all of us the guts to skip school. and Less not forget "let my Camrone Go!" -OHH and Risky Bizznes! I mean really.. Sex on a real train.. nuff said!

Oct 30 11 - 11:58am

napoleon dynamite should at least be top 20 and didnt even make the list

Oct 30 11 - 2:28pm

no question

Nov 12 11 - 7:24pm
Omgwana Kikbuti

Agreed, absolutely.

Oct 30 11 - 1:44pm

Boondock Saints, Thank you for smoking

Oct 30 11 - 5:08pm

No "Big Trouble in Little China" ?

Oct 30 11 - 5:25pm
What The Hell???

Wow, no room for Cooley High on here? not even an honorable mention??

Oct 31 11 - 2:47am

Missed a big one. Dune. 'nuff said.

May 30 12 - 4:36pm

Dune made me read the entire series. It really put the movie to shame, of course, but I love Sting in anything.. Thought it was worth watching, but the books! Wow!!!! Can't be beat, imho

Oct 31 11 - 2:53am

My pops had me, presumably as soon as I learned how to speak English, quoting lines from that damn movie. "What do you call the mouse shadow on the second moon? We call that one Muadibe" (from memory it may not be perfect but i dont need no damn wikipedia for this one, the fact i remember the name of the mouse shadow should be enough, spice is life)

Oct 31 11 - 4:25am
Fritz da Kat

I can't believe Videodrome didn't make it at least to the runner-up list. The funny thing is that I have not paid to sit in a theatre and see a movie in over 15 years...and I haven't been locked up! I just got very angry with the Hollywood machine so I chose not to support them...yet I have seen most of the movies on this list! Must say something about my taste.

Oct 31 11 - 10:40am

where the fuck is american psycho

Nov 04 11 - 7:07am
Noodly James

Damn right.

May 30 12 - 4:27pm

such a great movie, American Psycho

Oct 31 11 - 11:44am
The QWOPtain

I see no Pulp Fiction on here. This is a shame.

Nov 08 11 - 1:41am

One per director, Reservoir Dogs was his Tarantino choice.

Oct 31 11 - 12:23pm

I think the author(s) was attempting to make as concise a list as possible, by attempting to mention certain movies, but not double up on directors, actors, etc too much. That being said, I would like to mention "Get Crazy" as my favorite cult film, (IMDB it to see the steller cast). Since its not available on DVD or the internet, I can understand why it wasn't mentioned.

Oct 31 11 - 2:01pm

Brazil and Monty Python were both directed by Terry Gilliam; ok for the second he was co-director but, even so, a rule is a rule. A pretty good list all the same although it might as well have been called best American cult movies for the attention given to World cinema.

Oct 31 11 - 4:34pm

Battle Royale

Oct 31 11 - 5:10pm

Would have liked to see Battle Royale on the list...

Oct 31 11 - 5:21pm

ive never even heard of barbarella, why is it on this list? and especially why is it #1?

Nov 05 11 - 12:59am

please go back to sleep

Nov 08 11 - 1:43am

mark, it's the damned alphabet you've obviously forgotten since grade school. The list is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Obvious Fuckwits!

Oct 31 11 - 9:38pm

You forgot The Boondock Saints!

Oct 31 11 - 11:40pm

Not that I was around at the time but is The Thing really a "cult" hit? It's the greatest movie ever made in my opinion and if you ask random people on the street I'm sure about 70% of them would say they've seen/heard of it and 99% of those people would say they liked it. My numbers may be a bit off but... right??

Nov 01 11 - 12:31am

Where is Fear and Loathing come on!

Nov 01 11 - 1:32am

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen didn't make it?

Nov 01 11 - 4:07am

Where the heck is Twilight?

Nov 07 11 - 2:15pm
Brutally Stupid

I think I saw it in the gay section of my library.

Nov 01 11 - 2:20pm

Tremors should definitely be on the list

Nov 04 11 - 9:12am

That movie was the horror that haunted my childhood!

Nov 08 11 - 1:43am

Made me move from New Mexico.

Nov 01 11 - 4:23pm


Nov 03 11 - 5:22am

Only one film per director allowed.

Nov 01 11 - 6:24pm

I like Priscilla Queen of the Desert it's kinda a cult classic

Nov 02 11 - 9:59pm

Priscilla should absolutely be on this list!

Nov 04 11 - 9:11am

Hell yes!!!

Nov 01 11 - 7:16pm

Flesh Gordon

Nov 01 11 - 7:50pm

Spinal Tap should have been on the list for sure

Nov 01 11 - 9:17pm

Wings of Desire
Legend (Scott)
Naked Lunch
Crash (Cronenberg)
Natural Born Killers
Twelve Monkeys

And for Pete's sake I don't think Rocky Horror was mentioned.

Nov 05 11 - 12:58am

yes rocky horror was mentioned

Nov 01 11 - 9:39pm

The Shining
Logan's Run
Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane and the other Zucker Brothers films
The Crow
Every Peter Greenaway film
Vampire's Kiss

Boy, there are lots more!

Nov 04 11 - 2:42am
safe as houses

Willard! Hell Yes!

May 30 12 - 4:43pm

oooh Willard, yes Willard!!!!!!!!!!!! Must watch again, thanks for the reminder! besos!

May 30 12 - 4:45pm

they (Netflix) only have the 2003 remake with Crispin Glover, but I'm sure it'll be good and is now in my queue.. thanks Fred Austere and Safe as Houses :)

Nov 01 11 - 11:03pm

THE LABYRINTH! THE LABYRINTH THE LABYRINTH THE LABYRINTH oh my gosh I can't believe it's not here! One of the best movies ever- creeped out an entire generation of kids!

Nov 02 11 - 6:32am

No "V For Vendetta".
A big ooops there, me thinks. probably the biggest cult film of modern times.

Nov 02 11 - 1:12pm

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

Nov 02 11 - 9:38pm

If Harold and Maude is on the list, King of Hearts should be with it. That was a twin bill on so many midnight shows I must have seen them both 20 times.

Nov 03 11 - 4:40am
mr p decker

rocky 4

Nov 03 11 - 7:49am

kinda missed Big Trouble in Little China and The Crow.

Nov 03 11 - 10:44am

I even own the DVD of #10...

Nov 03 11 - 4:56pm

The lack of wristcutters is dissapointing, otherwise you caught all my favorites.

Nov 03 11 - 6:58pm
Kasey B.

Calling" Death Race 2000" a "Corman film" totally undermines the complete and total genius of Paul Bartel. Corman was a producer, Nerve. You don't call "The Godfather" a "Robert Evans film" do you? Give Paul his due - every movie the man made was a cult classic. Point in case: "Eating Raoul." Genius.

Nov 08 11 - 1:46am

YES! Eating Raoul!

Nov 03 11 - 7:20pm

Am I the only one who noticed that the picture for Evil Dead is actually from Evil Dead 2?

Nov 03 11 - 8:40pm

"The Fourth Man" by Paul Verhoven. Dutch movie , that along with his Spetters

Nov 04 11 - 1:07am

OK, I won't make an argument that it should have been on the Top 50 list (awesome list, BTW), but at least give "The Ice Pirates" an honorable mention. Space herpes, eunuchs AND Robert Urich? Classic........

Nov 04 11 - 2:30am


Nov 04 11 - 3:19am

The Goonies!?
Hot Shots!?
Pulp Fiction!?

SOOOO many more but i guess you cant have them all....!

Nov 04 11 - 9:11am

Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill agreed.

Nov 04 11 - 7:12am
Noodly James

American psycho? Natural Born Killers? Apocalypse Now? Thin Red line? Seven Samurai? El Topo (if you really really really like weirdness)

Nov 04 11 - 10:00am

Crash (Cronenberg)
No Such Thing
Man Bites Dog
The Party (w/Peter Sellars)
Nosferatu (1920s)
Being John Malkovivch
La Femme Nikita (original)
The Professional

Jul 31 12 - 8:39pm

+1 Being John Malkovich

Nov 04 11 - 10:12am

La Femme Nikita
No Such Thing
Crash (Cronenberg)
The Party (w/Peter Sellars)
The Professional
Being John Malkovich
Nosferatu (1920s)

Nov 04 11 - 12:10pm

I'd pick Russ Meyer's last movie, BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRAVIXENS to go on the list along with BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. Who knew Roger Ebert had such a sick sense of humor? A case could be made for THE WIZARD OF OZ too.

Nov 04 11 - 2:45pm

I feel like Boondock Saints has a place somewhere in this list.

Nov 04 11 - 3:26pm

Army of Darkness.

Nov 04 11 - 4:41pm

Rocky Horror Picture Show 38th.... really??!!!

Nov 04 11 - 9:10pm

Vanishing Point?

Nov 04 11 - 11:36pm

Not sure if this would translate outside of Canada. But Bon Cop, Bad Cop is the perfect dark comedy if you are Canadian

May 30 12 - 3:44pm

Loved Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Also.. has anyone seen Bubba Ho-tep? Suprizingly good.. campy but we liked it :)

Nov 05 11 - 12:56am

Since this is a 'cult' list, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein should at least be a runner up.

Nov 05 11 - 4:37am

Ahem. Blue velvet? BettyBlue?

Nov 06 11 - 1:19am

Yes to Betty Blue.

Nov 05 11 - 10:31am

I wouldn't really call Donnie Darko or Fight Club cult films...

Nov 05 11 - 6:00pm

who remembers a movie called.....The CAR

Nov 06 11 - 1:21am

Eating Raoul
The Hunger

Nov 06 11 - 3:49pm

I'd like to see Sling Blade considered for one of these lists.

Nov 06 11 - 4:03pm

You're a fool to think Darren Aronofsky is pretentious.

Also, Labyrinth and Yojimbo.

Nov 08 11 - 1:48am

The Fountain makes me waste of viewing time.

May 30 12 - 4:57pm

I have to agree Brian about The Fountain.. maybe I was out of it when I watched it? But I generally do like Hugh Jackman

Nov 06 11 - 7:23pm

How dare they not put BOONDOCKS SAINTS on here? i want a reply explaining this from someone that had something to do with this list. "Where you going? NOWHERE!." Oh and bump big lebowski to #1 come on. it should be in the top 5 greatest of all time and def. is #1 comady ever......

Nov 07 11 - 12:56am

How about Legend, Labyrinth with David Bowie, Willow, or Spinal Tap?

Nov 07 11 - 7:11am

HAHAHA, no doubt...that was my Playlist(Repeat) from ages 6-12....

Nov 07 11 - 12:57am


Nov 07 11 - 4:32am

How can they leave out Boondock Saints? one of the best cult movies of all time

Nov 07 11 - 9:20am

The City of God.

Nov 07 11 - 9:53am

Good list, all things considered. No 'Easy Rider' reference is complete that omits Terry Southern.

Nov 07 11 - 3:25pm

come on!

Nov 07 11 - 6:37pm

Not even an HM for tetsuo the iron man? For shame nerve, for shame.

Nov 08 11 - 12:20am

Umm? Harry Potter? You can't say it doesn't have a more-than devoted fanbase, there are people who dressed up and stood in line for hours for several functions involving it. Hell, it has it's own theme park...Also, i would have liked to see Wizard of Oz on the list.