It’s Too Early for A Tupac Biopic, Because Tupac Is Still Alive

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There are now two competing Tupac Shakur biopics in the works: Tupac, the long-gestating biopic to be directed by John Singleton and blessed by Tupac’s mother Afeni, and The Rise And Fall Of Makavelli The Don, written by Tupac’s cousin William Lesane. Lesane says he’s raised $15 million to finance the movie, but he probably hasn’t secured rights to the music. If he can’t, he can use this. 

Both projects have an inherent flaw, however: they’re operating on the principle that Tupac Shakur is no longer with us. Everyone knows Tupac is still alive. Google it. Even Suge Knight, who was there when Tupac got shot, says Tupac is alive. So how are you gonna tell someone’s life story when their life isn’t over yet? Tupac’s gonna come back from his long vacation chillin’ with Elvis and D.B. Cooper and murk all these fools.