Baby, Please Don't Go: A Montage of Pleading from R&B Videos

All my life, I've prayed for a montage like this.

by Colette McIntyre, video editing by Carlos Cabrera

'90s R&B supergroup Boyz II Men recently released their first album in nine years, Twenty, and it got us thinking, what happened? Where did all the open satin shirts, clenched fists, and quaking legs go? Where are our Brian McKnights, our Ginuwines, our crooners who are going crazy, crazy, crazy just thinking about us babies? So to ease the pain, we've compiled this supercut of R&B's finest climactic moments. Hopefully this concentration of oversize suit jackets and passionately closed eyes will ease your mind... um... baby.

Commentarium (8 Comments)

Nov 18 11 - 12:59pm
Lazy Sunday

Dude, where's Dick in a Box?

Nov 18 11 - 6:33pm

Surprised not to see Jodeci's "Cry for You," with its "get on my knees [in the desert] for you" line and "Baby I'm beggin'" breakdown.

Nov 18 11 - 10:22pm

you just made my night. I swear sometimes, it's like we have a psychic connection

Nov 19 11 - 6:59pm

Come on Nerve, where's Three Times One Minus One?

Nov 19 11 - 11:05pm

i love boyz 2 men. they came to town once and i found out over a game of beer pong and started screaming to put them on youtube. twas a sad night.

Nov 21 11 - 3:42pm

God 1:07 is incredible. Also, "Baby I knew about it, I just didn't care."

Nov 22 11 - 5:40pm

What are all these songs? I kinda want to download some of them....ha. ha.

Nov 27 11 - 5:11am