Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now

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Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now

Every two weeks, titans of the mediasphere give Nerve their music recommendations. This week: Elliot Aronow, co-founder and creative director of RCRD LBL.

1. The Lounge Lizards, The Lounge Lizards

I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about jazz, and that's probably why I enjoy the no-wave jazz/not-jazz of early-period Lounge Lizards so much. It's disrespectful to the genre in all the right ways. Saxophonist John Lurie (of Stranger Than Paradise and Fishing with John fame) is backed by a who's who of downtown legends like Arto Lindsay (DNA) and Anton Fier (the Feelies) and man do they go in. Skronk, soul, confusion, chaos, and bliss, all rolled together.

Listen: "Do The Wrong Thing"



2. Triston Palma, Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves

If you are the kind of cat who regularly checks the label of your favorite releases, you already know that Greensleeves is major in the world of reggae and dancehall. Here, your favorite beat-miner, Diplo, pulls deep and classic cuts from the likes of Hugh Mundell, Gregory Isaacs, Barrington Levy, and more, to create a smoked-out fifty-minute mixtape treat. Top ranking indeed. 

Listen: "Joker Smoker"



3. Mr. Dream, Trash Hit

To be frank, I'm sick of listening to bands made up of five ugly dudes who dress badly and play music that begs to be liked. Especially when the songs are not even catchy. You got me. I don't really like indie rock. I do, however, love underground rock music that is abrasive, dangerous and beautifully recorded. Brooklyn upstarts Mr. Dream's debut LP is a study in minimal heroics. It's bold, bad, and here to mess you up.

Listen: "Trash Hit"



4. Holy Ghost!, Holy Ghost!

I ride hard for this NYC crew and could not be happier with the strides they've made since their debut single, "Hold On," smashed up the clubs a few years ago. Time has been kind to these young dancefloor-focused upstarts. Here, on their New Order-reference-worthy debut for DFA, they've sharpened their hooks, trimmed their tunes, and written and performed one motherfucker of a quality album. This one's percussive, poppy, well groomed, and ready to make your Mondays a lot less blue. 

Listen: "Do It Again"



5. The VSS, 21:51

It would be unfaithful of me not to big up some of the '90s hardcore that made me into the music-business sellout I am today, and so I present to you the VSS. Back in the mid '90s, having keyboards in your band was the equivalent of Dylan going electric. The kids freaked out, insults and fists were thrown, but history would later confirm that bringing in keys was a genius move. This is frantic, clawing, explosive music, and I love it.  It's like a DIY Public Image, Ltd. 


Listen: "Crawling In Place"