Five Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Carlye Wisel and Donald Rasmussen

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This week’s curators: Carlye Wisel and Donald Rasmussen.

Every two weeks, titans of the mediasphere give Nerve their music recommendations. This week: Carlye Wisel and Donald Rasmussen of the video blog Big Ugly Yellow Couch.

1. DOM, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

DOM and album Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

This album is a fucking jam from start to finish. With songs like "Bochicha," about singer Dom’s questionably legal cat, and, "Living In America," about how sexy it is to reside in the States, we’re not sure what’s more entertaining — the faded, dreamy-pop vibe that makes Sun Bronzed Golden Gods downright perfect for summer, or the sheer nuttiness of its themes.

2. Twin Sister, Color Your Life  

Twin Sister and album Color Your Life

We recently shot a Couch Session with these guys that turned out to be one of our favorites. That’s probably the best part of running a stripped-down video-session site: seeing the songs you love — in this case, "Lady Daydream" — reinterpreted in a completely different way that somehow still makes perfect sense. Revisiting this EP after having them in our home has made us fall for these songs all over again. 

3. Punch Brothers, Antifogmatic 

Punch Brothers and album Antifogmatic

There are few things more beautiful than Chris Thile’s music. One of these things happens to be his face. But, besides being the bona fide Jude Law of the mandolin community, Thile has come so far with his band’s recently released sophomore album that Punch Brothers can barely be called a post-Nickel Creek project any longer, managing to retain an emotive romanticism in all of their songs. 

4. Seabear, We Built A Fire

Seabear and album We Built A Fire

We Built A Fire feels like the best winter, spring, summer, and fall days all put together into a kind of seasonal song cycle. "Cold Summer" and "Leafmask" are especially built for those quiet moments, with singer Sindri Már Sigfússon’s voice carrying you away from the campfire, up through the rising smoke and into the night air. 

5. Hall & Oates, The Very Best Of 

The Very Best of Hall and Oates

Unhealthy obsession, guilty pleasure, and awkward passenger-seat dance party all rolled up in one. If both of us are in a car, there’s a 90% chance we’re listening to "Private Eyes" and doing something embarrassing.