Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

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Five Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good

Husband-and-wife folk, power-pop, and more from one of the best-titled blogs we've ever had contribute to Five Albums.

Every now and again, Nerve reaches out to the titans of the blogosphere for their music recommendations. This week's contributor is Matthew Gross, from the excellently-named Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good.

1. Allo Darlin,’ Europe (2012)

At first, Allo Darlin’ seem like any number of cloying indie-pop bands: good for a few spins until the next thing comes along to fill the "girl playing ukulele" void. But throughout Europe, Allo Darlin’ rise above the cutesy trappings and display the kind of pathos their peers often lack. They work with time-tested themes of love and friendship, but with the melancholy that comes with age. And that added experience goes a long way. Things don't always work out in Allo Darlin''s songs, but with music so gorgeous, you still end up feeling okay.

Listen: "Capricornia"


2. Chairlift, Something (2012)

“I Belong in Your Arms” is a monster of a song, and on any other album it would tower above all the others. Fortunately for Chairlift, Something isn’t any other album. While “I Belong in Your Arms” is certainly a highlight, the other songs on the album are all great in their own right. Something harkens back to those early days of synth-pop, when artists were having a blast discovering the possibilities of new technology. That sense of wonder and excitement makes this album worth coming back to.

Listen: "I Belong in Your Arms"


3. Bowerbirds, The Clearing (2012)

The Clearing isn't one of those albums that makes you flood your various social networks with excitement over how good it is. It's a different kind of good, the kind of good that takes a few listens to sink in, the kind that can get lost in the now-ness of today's blog-heavy shuffle culture. It’s carefully constructed folk music, packed with interesting flourishes and graceful melodies. Just be patient with it, and I promise you'll find out what I'm talking about.

Listen: "Tuck the Darkness In"


4. Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta (2012)

Though it was written in the wake of some hard times, Leaving Atlanta does what all good pop music does and hides its troubles under a layer of bubblegum. Jesse Smith has a way with hooks, and every song is overflowing with earworms that will keep you humming for days. And though it all seems like freewheeling fun, there’s still enough of an edge to hint at the sorrow below the surface.

Listen: "You Give Me Shivers"


5. Screaming Females, Ugly (2012)

Screaming Females slay, destroy, wail, and do whatever other buzzword-y verb you want to throw at them. Frontwoman Marissa Paternoster is an absolutely brutal guitarist and singer, packing Ugly with as much noise as she can wring out of her voice and instrument. But you’re only as good as the band behind you, and together, Screaming Females create a raucous blast of noisy rock.

Listen: "It All Means Nothing"