Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: SXSW Edition

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Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: SXSW Edition

This week’s Five Albums comes straight from Austin, TX’s South by Southwest.

SXSW Music 2012 just wrapped up; Linda Park writes for the SXSW Music Blog, “asking fun people goofy questions.” These are her picks from this year’s festival lineup.

1. We Were Promised Jetpacks, These Four Walls(2009)

I have an almost unhealthy obsession with music made by Scottish people. (See also: Frightened Rabbit, Withered Hand, The Waterboys — I could go on) That aside, We Were Promised Jetpacks have a new album out called In the Pit of the Stomach, but I remain glued to These Four Walls. Just listen to the way "Conductor" builds, and how Adam Thompson's voice draws you in, sounding both impossibly distant and touchably close.

Listen: “Conductor”


2. Yellow Ostrich, The Mistress (2011)

This is another band with a new album out, Strange Land, but while I found myself listening over and over to "Whale,"  from their last album The Mistress. “Whale” is quirky and allows me to pretend that I’m in a movie running through the woods. Then I raise my hands climatically and the credits roll. Or something. Anyway, The Mistress is loaded with that kind of cinematic abandon — enjoy it while having a highly filmable moment of catharsis.

Listen: “Whale”


3. Black Books, Black Books

The album that this track is from isn’t even out yet, but luckily, I know people who know people. Call it an album you should be listening to very soon. The gentle, dreamy "Out the Door" has gotten me through many a long night at the office. There are loads of other fine tracks on the album ("Paradise," in particular) that you'll be able to hear quite soon, I hope.

Listen: “Out the Door”


4. You Say France & I Whistle, Angry Men (2012)

I’m going to temper my gushing about Scotland by now gushing about a Swedeish band. These guys are adorable. You can't help but be full of joy listening to "OMG" and watching them frolic around in their little animal costumes. If you're having a dark day, just put on some You Say France & I Whistle, and for certain, the bad times will soon be forgotten. This is the fastest way to start a dance party.

Listen: “OMG”


5. Imperial Teen, Seasick (1996)

Imperial Teen just released Feel the Sound, but when I found out they were playing SXSW, out came Seasick. I remember going to see them at The Troubadour in '96 by myself just so I could see them play. I am very pleased that they're back with new music and a SXSW performance — the world needs more bands like Imperial Teen.

Listen: “Butch”


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