The 25 Greatest Love Songs of the 1990s

When everything's made to be broken, we just want you to know who we... am.

Read this first! Bloggers, DJs, and critics helped us assemble this comprehensive list of great love songs. Before you tell us what we missed, a few notes. One, we excluded breakup songs and come-back-to-me songs and please-sleep-with-me songs. These are love songs — songs you could play to your current squeeze immediately after saying, "Steve/Miriam, this song explains my feelings for you, which may be nuanced but are ultimately positive," and not expect to sleep on the couch. Two, we limited it to one song per artist, with a couple of exceptions, like The Beatles, because they're The Beatles. Lastly, come back next week for the best love songs of the '00s, and click here for the best love songs of the '60s, the best love songs of the '70s, and the best love songs of the '80s. Okay, now you can tell us what we missed. Have fun! — The Nerve Editors

25. The Jesus & Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval, "Sometimes Always" (1994)

"Sometimes Always" is the perfect reconciliation song, sung sweetly by Hope Sandoval and written by then-boyfriend William Reid. Despite its jangly popness, the song feels intimate and full of love, though these days I have to wonder about the wisdom of falling back into a relationship with a guy who says, "I always knew you'd take me back." But, you know, when you're young and idealistic, the makeup sex that goes along with refrains like these is heady and full of flowers. Linda Park, of SXSW

Listen: The Jesus & Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval, "Sometimes Always"


24. Jawbreaker, "Chesterfield King" (1991)

Blake Schwarzenbach was the Charles Bukowski of early '90s alternative. Gruff-voiced but tender, he was unashamed to sing of "Killin' cops and readin' Kerouac" and his feelings side by side. "Chesterfield King" is the best view of this dichotomy: it's a downright touching account of suburban love, the kind that seemingly happens every fall night across the country, delivered in a boozy four minutes. Buk would have been proud. — Alex Heigl

Listen: Jawbreaker, "Chesterfield King"


23. D'Angelo, "Higher" (1995)

D'Angelo's sanctified organ elevates his multi-tracked choir of sweet soul vocals in the album closer from Brown Sugar. Anchored by the band's impossibly deep groove, "Higher" shows why gospel and R&B are as inextricably linked as church and sex: they're both transcendent, but firmly in the here and now — exactly how you want falling in love to be. — A.H.

Listen: D'Angelo, "Higher"


22. Smashing Pumpkins, "Luna" (1993)

For suburban kids hitting their stride during the Clinton years, there weren't very many love songs to choose from. There was plenty of raging against the machine and Pavement-style irony to go around, but romance was generally the subject of mockery. In order to break through the era's postmodern glaze, you either had to be an outcast, or be too comically self-indulgent to notice the world around you. Billy Corgan, at least for a time, was both. Siamese Dream was one of the few pop-rock albums of that time to express love and emotional vulnerability in a straightforward way; the beautiful closer, "Luna," with that naked final refrain ("I'm in love with you") became the private soundtrack to many a school-bus love affair. Michael Edison Hayden

Listen: Smashing Pumpkins, "Luna"


21. REM, "At My Most Beautiful" (1999)

Most of REM's perceived love songs ("The One I Love," "Losing My Religion"), well, aren't. But "At My Most Beautiful" speaks to love in as unmistakable and unambiguous terms as Michael Stipe ever used. The simplicity pays off. Stipe confessing that he "reads bad poetry into your machine" over a delicate Beach Boys homage might also make this the most beautiful moment in the REM catalogue. — Jonathan Keefe, of Slant Magazine

Listen: REM, "At My Most Beautiful"


20. Wilco, "I Got You (At The End Of The Century)"(1996)

When it comes to love, Jeff Tweedy takes the long view. He doesn't fall for someone for a few months, or even a few years. He loves for centuries. This rare heartache-free Wilco track is also undeniable proof that all great love songs must include at least eight bars of oohing. — Delia Pless

Listen: Wilco, "I Got You (At The End Of The Century)"


19. Mariah Carey, "Emotions" (1991)

Mariah Carey hits a dizzying number of love-song cliches — feeling like you're in a dream, flying high, never feeling so satisfied — in the space of four minutes. Yet, thanks to her soaring, rapturous voice, the song plays like a work of genuine, unadulterated joy, when it could've just been the credits soundtrack to some godawful rom-com. — Kristin Hunt

Listen: Mariah Carey, "Emotions"


18. Bjork, "Possibly Maybe"

This bittersweet song from Bjork deftly explains the process of falling in (and possibly out) of love. It all starts with the right person breaking through your defenses, followed by the excitement and anxiety of what might come next. Love is unpredictable and presents plenty of opportunities for doubt, but Bjork makes the hoping for it sound worthwhile. — Carlos Cabrera

Listen: Bjork, "Possibly Maybe"


17. Extreme, "More Than Words" (1990)

The men of Extreme have on thing in common with writing teachers the world over: they're big believers in show, don't tell. On "More Than Words," Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt yearn for something more than a simple "I love you." Especially given that "More Than Words" comes from an album called Pornograffiti, Extreme turns out to be surprisingly insightful about the non-verbal rewards of love. — K.H.

Listen: Extreme, "More Than Words"


Commentarium (126 Comments)

Nov 21 11 - 1:25am


Nov 21 11 - 2:20am

Certainly would be disqualified if you removed every element stolen from another song.

Nov 21 11 - 3:48am

in the words of picasso, "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal." so picasso did it, the beatles did it, steve jobs did it, oasis did it. just artists being artists =)

Nov 21 11 - 4:28am

But with most women having Oasis on their dealbreaker list, I don't know if it could possibly a love song. There's no love for Oasis.

Nov 21 11 - 1:11pm

I could bet a thousand bucks that the women who put Oasis on their dealbreaker list never heard more than two Oasis songs.

Nov 21 11 - 1:25pm

Using people's quotes as some kind of Truth is why the US is messed up.

Nov 21 11 - 2:36pm

no, the reason the US is fucked up is that people like to like to browbeat morality to everyone who disagrees with then, and make them feel ashamed to think differently. using a quote to describe the nature of the artistic mindset from someone with weight in the artistic community is a commonsense defense of a great band like Oasis.

Nov 21 11 - 3:58pm

That's true, Marc. And one of those songs was probably Wonderwall, which is such an awful goddamned song it turned them off the band for good.

And no, I am not familiar with the Oasis discography. I have indeed just heard one Oasis song, to my knowledge, and I won't say I dislike or even know the band, but holy fuck. That song is awful.

Nov 22 11 - 6:39am

I've been to enough Oasis concerts to learn very very quickly that Noel was the only reason why the BETTER women went there.

Nov 21 11 - 1:47am

Two of my top song choices for first dance at my "hopefully someday" wedding are on this list... Man, I really know my love songs.

Nov 21 11 - 1:56am

this is sort of terrible

Nov 21 11 - 5:14am
Buck Nasty

Sort of?

Nov 21 11 - 8:50pm

Very disappointing. Good lord.

Nov 23 11 - 7:27pm

You have more than words but not to be with you by Mr Big which is a better song anyway,wtf.

Nov 21 11 - 2:35am

Wow, Randy "The Ram" Robinson was right...90's f**kin' sucked.

Nov 21 11 - 3:59am

I agree. Only thing good about the 90s was the cartoons.

Nov 21 11 - 4:01am

Since the 90's included most of my formative years elementary school through junior year of high school, I am contractually obligated to love the top 4 songs.

What I do want to know is how we got from Depeche Mode to the Goo Goo Dolls. The 80's dragged into the 90's but then died suddenly.... grunge?

Nov 21 11 - 11:18am

yes, that is exactly what happened. First, all the British pop bands quit coming around, then suddenly grunge and indie exploded everywhere. I remember commenting on it at the time.

Nov 22 11 - 12:07am
Not True

This list just sucks. The 90's was a golden age for R&B, the subject of which was often love. And Lauryn Hill's "Nothing Even Matters" being #13 is just insulting.


Nov 22 11 - 10:17pm
The 90's

Were an awesome time for music. this list, however, sucks. Thats not even the best song on Lauryn Hill's album.

Nov 21 11 - 2:57am

by your side...sade.

Nov 21 11 - 6:59pm

Lovers Rock was released in 2000.

Nov 21 11 - 3:04am

My additions are not that sophisticated, but I still think they should be there. The Cranberries: Dreams, and Barenaked Ladies: If I Had a Million Dollars. Also, I would probably change the Goo Goo Dolls one from "Iris" to "Slide," but I understand that "Iris" is more ubiquitous...

Nov 21 11 - 3:19am

I thought of "If I Had a Million Dollars" too. And love "Slide" as well as "Iris"... I would say that Iris is more intense (though Slide is more earnest...).

Nov 21 11 - 9:21pm

while slide is a better song, its about abortion, and not feeling like a man because you cant help the girl you love raise the baby... so while it includes love, its not really a love song.

Nov 22 11 - 10:28pm

They both sound the same to me. Thanks, Top 40 Radio.

Nov 21 11 - 3:40am

I'm a 90s kid, but rather unfamiliar with a lot of what made this list. And I will never, ever forgive Nerve for topping it with the Foo Fighters, the band that just won't go away.

Nov 21 11 - 3:39pm

Dude!? When it comes to Guitar songs that get it done when played for a female audience... The acoustic version of Everlong never fails. Never.

Nov 21 11 - 6:14pm
Your mom

That's because foo fighters has the sickest drummer that has ever lived. Anyone who doesn't appreciate foo fighters probably listens to nothing but backstreet boys and Ray J or some bullshit.

Nov 21 11 - 10:19pm

Foo Fighters is nothing but on the nose, boring radio rock. I bet you actually find a lot of collections that include both Foo Fighters and Backstreet Boys. They both fall into the category of "music for people who aren't all that into music." Because if you actually listen to it, it's unbearable.

Nov 22 11 - 11:10pm
The Dude

That's just, like, your opinion man....

Nov 23 11 - 3:13pm


Jul 09 12 - 8:41am
Keith Moon

Actually, I'm the greatest drummer of all time.

Nov 21 11 - 3:50am

No Boyz II Men on a list of '90s love songs?! Blasphemy I say! The Salt n' Pepa one made me smile nostalgically. And props on what I think are The Cure's two best songs -- one on this list, and the other on the 80s one (disclaimer: this opinion comes from someone who is not a big Cure junkie).

I admit I've never been a fan of "More than Words". I don't know... I guess it just always seemed a bit whiny to me, and the lyrics are pretty repetitive for a song demanding "more than words".

Other nominations: Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Feet", LL Cool J's "Hey Lover", Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply", something by Dave Matthews Band (perhaps "Crash"), Hootie and the Blowfish ("Hold my Hand" or "Only Wanna Be with You"), Live's "Lightening Crashes", Madonna's "Crazy for You".

(disclaimer #2: I claim no musical sophistication whatsoever... I'm actually suspect I'm tone deaf... but for whatever it's worth, those would be my personal additions in keeping with the 90s vibe, lyrics, tone, and requirements laid down by this series)

Nov 21 11 - 2:10pm

Definitely backing you up on "Head Over Feet." Loved that song back in the day and still do.

Nov 22 11 - 12:13am

love "Lightening Crashes" but Hootie and the Blowfish? I spent the 90's being driven crazy by them.

Nov 26 11 - 7:22am

"Lightning Crashes?" Say wha? "Lightning Crashes" is about a mother dying in childbirth, and really not very ambiguously either. Perhaps you were thinking of "I Alone"?

Nov 21 11 - 3:59am

And skateboarding.

Nov 21 11 - 3:59am

And skate punk.

Nov 21 11 - 4:07am
I don't think so....

The problem is you have a bunch of hip critic that are all trying to "out hip" each other. The Result: NOT the greatest love songs of the '90. What you should do is find a bunch of dorks with Asperger syndrome and ask what song's they like... somewhere between you and them is the truth.

Nov 21 11 - 9:40am

Hip critics trying to "out hip" each other. Nailed it. Terrible list.

Nov 21 11 - 11:44am

There is nothing "hip" about half of these songs. I mean, seriously: Extreme, the Goo Goo Dolls, Seal, the Foo Fighters? Sure, you have Jawbreaker and the Jesus and Mary Chain, there are some of the biggest radio hits of the '90s on here as well. I think it's actually pretty balanced. People are just so quick to cry "hipster" it's lost all weight as an insult.

Nov 21 11 - 4:02pm

Indeed, Crooklyn. If anything, this list is aggressively un-hip.

And useing Asperger's as an insult... super classy.

Nov 21 11 - 6:23pm
Your mom

Are you serious? REALLY? Seal is hip? THE GOO GOO DOLLS? OASIS? D'ANGELO? AALYIAH? SALT-N-PEPA? What the hell era do you live in? Why don't you just say celion dion is "hip" while you're at it. To say this list is hip is fucking "retarded." How's that work for ya? Just because the whole list didn't isn't on your "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL THE 1990's!" CD Doesn't mean they're even remotely "hip."

Nov 21 11 - 8:42pm

No, KTR is right. Picking pieces of shit and then claiming that they're gold to see who calls them on it is a hallmark of hipster criticism. And if you don't see that putting Goo Goo Dolls so high on the list (or even on it at all) is so clearly a 'ironic hipster' move that if you don't see it you're trying too hard not to.

Nov 21 11 - 11:17pm

There was nothing to indicate that they were doing any part of this list ironically, and the only reason you think that is because of your own shit htat you've projected on it. All of the lists so far have been nothing but earnest, and I don't know why this one is any different, other than you can't imagine that the person here being a hipster isn't the one disagreeing with you--it's you. Insisting that the only reason someone could like music you don't like is because they're being "ironic"? That's some hipster shit right there.

Nov 22 11 - 11:20am

^ This.

Nov 22 11 - 2:36pm
to "dude"

...That's too bad because that means they have "earnestly" shitty taste. At least if they were being ironic or 'hipsters' that would be an excuse why this list is so bad.

Nov 23 11 - 1:23am
to dude 2

It's not a matter of people liking music that others don't - it's the declaration that this is a "Best" list. If you're going to claim to be the arbiter of quality, then you're open to criticism and skepticism as to how/why you picked it. This list reads like it was designed to elicit a reaction rather than actually have any real thought behind it - and based on the numbers of comments so far, it's apparently succeeded.

Nov 23 11 - 5:46am

I'm not claiming to be the arbiter of shit. I don't really agree with the list, and you don't have to, either. But I'm tired of people being so desperate to call anyone who insults them a "hipster" they bend the truth however they see fit. There is nothing at all to indicate that this list is ironic or an attempt to seem hipper than thou.

"This list reads like it was designed to elicit a reaction" -- duh. That's what anything anyone writes is going to try to do.
"rather than actually have any real thought behind it" -- here's where we part ways. Someone disagreeing with you or having different taste than you =/= someone having no thought behind their opinions.

You can disagree with someone without them being a thoughtless hipster douchebag. When you characterize everyone but yourself as a mindless ass just trying to be cool, you're not even allowing for the possibility that there could be an intelligent, thoughtful person who genuinely holds a different opinion than your own. In which case, you're a fucking asshole, man.

Nov 26 11 - 11:54pm
Dude is lyin asshole

..."Someone" (whose obviously is not one of the critics) is very touchy about the cavalier use of the word, "hipster". Who gives two shits about the semantic misuse of the word "hipster". Why don't you just be honest and admit that your taste sucks, you lying fucking asshole.

Nov 21 11 - 4:27am

Well.. if a greatest love song of the 2000s comes up and Ingrid Michaelson isn't #1. I'd be surprised. Very surprised. Actually, she deserves #1 and 2. Her Elvis cover and The Way I Am.

Nov 22 11 - 1:06am

I once walked in on my parents having sex to "The Way I Am." True story.

Nov 24 11 - 4:16pm

Not awkward at all.

Nov 21 11 - 7:24am

What about Into My Arms - Nick Cave - Maybe is was late 80's but it's the best written love song ever

Nov 21 11 - 1:06pm

Couldn't agree more with you! And the song came out in 1997 so it would've been eligible for the list. I would certainly put it in my top 5.

Nov 21 11 - 8:57pm

...and on that note, "To Bring You My Love" - PJ Harvey. Or "Send His Love to Me".
"Sour Times" by Portishead. "Always" by Erasure. There are more, at least better than, say, "Buddy Holly" << a love song? Really?

Nov 21 11 - 11:14pm

"Always" by Erasure would have given me a good chuckle. It is impossible for me to think of it as a genuine love song and not an anthem for robot unicorns.

Nov 21 11 - 8:55am

damn...suddently i realized that i am getting old...

Nov 21 11 - 10:01am

love everlong for #1, perfect 90s choice

Nov 21 11 - 11:42am

Everlong acoustic version is sicktastical

Nov 21 11 - 12:53pm

Black by pearl jam shoulda been 1...and on the list

Nov 22 11 - 11:13pm


Nov 21 11 - 12:57pm

I hope I never get so jaded that I can't admit "Iris" is awesome.

Nov 21 11 - 8:44pm

Iris is a rehash of "Piano Man." Seriously. Try singing the chorus to "Piano Man" over "Iris" sometime - you'll never hear it the same again.

Nov 21 11 - 12:58pm

I would've probably had Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply, Elliot Smith's Say Yes, Pearl Jam's Black and either Lover You Should've Come Over or Last Goodbye from Jeff Buckley. Can't fault a lot of these choices though

Nov 21 11 - 2:22pm

"Say Yes" and "Lover..." both made it into the late rounds, actually. But they both veer pretty far into breakup song territory.

Dec 04 11 - 5:38pm
Jean Paul Funky

Mr Smith.....while you're here, a question for the 80s Love Songs section......why the deliberate exclusion of Madonna?? Have you not made out to Crazy for You at SOME point in your life?!?

Nov 21 11 - 1:07pm

Any list that says 'greatest' and 'song' and includes Extreme simply can't be taken seriously.

Nov 21 11 - 1:12pm

Smoking Popes - Need You Around. Hands down my pick for greatest love song of the 90's

Nov 21 11 - 1:27pm

Top five songs that weren't on the list but should be mentioned :

1. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
2. Oasis - Live Forever
3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms
4. U2 - One
5. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love

Nov 26 11 - 7:31am

"Sometimes" and "One" are both about the end of relationships, not love songs.

"Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing, now it's all I got ."

Nov 21 11 - 2:09pm

Wow, I forgot how much I hated that Aaliyah song until just now!

Nov 21 11 - 2:10pm
Could be wrong but

Would "Here" by Pavement be considered a "love song" based on Nerve's criteria? If so, it should certainly have made this list.

Nov 22 11 - 2:09am
Ben from KC

"Spit on a Stranger" strikes me as the obvious Pavement choice--I'm actually a little shocked it's not here. "I Love Perth" would be the Ben from KC Pavement choice, but it's possible that a song that appeared only on the vinyl version of the third or fourth most famous Pavement EP is a little too obscure.

Nov 22 11 - 2:15am
Ben from KC

And really, as long as I'm being a big Matador nerd, Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube" would be a strong choice. And it clearly wins the award for "Best Love Song to Make Use of the Cast of Mr. Show in a Video in the 90's."

Nov 30 11 - 12:40pm
Could be wrong but

Completely agree on the YLT call.

Nov 21 11 - 2:58pm


Nov 21 11 - 3:23pm

"no matter how many times I've drunkenly yelled that 'Bay-bay!'"


Nov 21 11 - 3:25pm

You realize that "More than Words" is pretty much the date-rape anthem, right?

Nov 21 11 - 3:32pm

This list tipped its hand by including the Goo Goo Dolls. I get it that you're trying to seem like you're not snobby critics by including one of the most annoying mainstream radio hits of the decade, but maybe don't be so blatant about it. That song is just terrible. It sucked when I was in middle school and it still sucks now, and I don't think anyone who likes music even a little bit is going to argue with me about that.

Nov 21 11 - 3:48pm

the '90's sucked!

Nov 21 11 - 3:52pm
You have nerve

I stopped once I saw Xtreme. It's been 21 years and I still can't unhear that song

Nov 21 11 - 5:07pm

Well, I guess maybe the '90s was when I stopped listening to music, because unlike your '80s list, I only even know about 15 of these. I actually happen to have heard "More Than Words" just earlier today and's pretty horrible.
I have to say once more, in response to some other comments, that Oasis may be the most over-rated band of all-time. If people in fact do only know a couple of Oasis songs, it's because there are only about three worth knowing. Okay, so they missed one.

Nov 21 11 - 5:52pm

The inevitable missed item. The Black Crowes, "By Your Side". Our loss.

Nov 21 11 - 9:33pm

what about "ooh i want you" by savage garden???

Nov 21 11 - 9:45pm

Spacemen 3 "I Love You." Sofa king good.

Nov 21 11 - 10:02pm

Didn't like the Aaliyah song one bit, but damn, that is one HOT photo of her.

Nov 21 11 - 10:29pm

Magnetic Fields? Shit, yes.

Nov 21 11 - 11:41pm
Rutherford B. Hayes

This list baffles me. No "Nothing Compares 2 U" or "Missing"? No "Nobody Knows" or "You Had Time" or "Something to Talk About" or "One"?

Nov 22 11 - 12:26am

"Emotions" instead of "Vision of Love"? And no Boyz II Men? None?

I was looking forward to this list, but I knew it would be pretty disappointing.

Nov 22 11 - 1:03am

What is with all the Foo fighters hate? They're a good band with a solid discography. All these music lists just give people a soap box to bicker about there favorite songs and how they didn't make the cut or didn't score high enough on the list.

Nov 22 11 - 1:14am

but def agree with kissed by a rose. YESSSSS

Nov 22 11 - 2:57am

Enjoy the Silence is one of my favorite dance songs and i know who its written about their last name is spelled h.e.r.i.o.n. good songs but it seems like the author really only listened to one type of music.

Nov 22 11 - 3:27am

I disagree with almost every selection with the exception of Mazzy Star. "You Got Me" and "Everlong" are good songs, but "greatest love songs?" Come on. Okay, let's examine other decades: "Something" by the Beatles- great love song. "Turn off the Lights" by Teddy Pendergrass -- see where I'm going with this?

Nov 22 11 - 3:31am

There were love songs in the 90's? That decade was so WHINY!!!!

Nov 22 11 - 3:47am
question authority

X -fn - treme? Stay aay from music because you have no taste. I am going to now go punch xtreme holes in my walls at the idiocy of that choice.

Nov 22 11 - 4:13am
question authority

..and then I got to the point where you compare mazzy star with exteme....? contempt. ultra mega death star of contempt. do you actuallly LIKE good music? or does it all sound the same to you? Let me give u a lesson in music critique: Extreme attempts the soulful sounds of Bill Withers ( if u know him and like them shame, if not get to know him) in a modern style (with them a facade) stealing style cues from every other band confused if they were metal, industrial, crooners or just rock & roll ( bonus negatives for long finger nails & 80's retro luxuriant hair). Granted, that era had a lot of confused bands... so many styles and so few label contracts to win.... so lets put them in a blender and make a homogenized cluster fucker upper. Oh, wait, they only brought people down... but fcker downer is not in the common lexicon. Extreme shall henceforth be know as the stain on our culture ( and I am really really realllllyyyy censoring myself to keep it clean ) that tried in vain to blend 80s metal ballad with 90s alterna style and the only ones who bought that load of bogus bs were... well I only know one.. the author! Top 25? No research? U don't like music? U were on a binge this weekend ( that's excusable because it's rock & roll but nto something extremely not extreme would know about). Okay, I think Im done . Please feel free to to critique in kind.....:)

Nov 22 11 - 5:15am

Everlong being the #1 love song is balogna. Other than that, this list needs some work.

Nov 22 11 - 10:57am

anybody who has kids will tell you that the pretenders'
"i'll stand by you" is a song from a parent to a child, no matter what the video shows. just listen to the words. besides, would chrissie hynde would *ever* hook up with a guy who needs such coddling? i don't think so.

Nov 22 11 - 11:51am

I enjoy how the scale of agreeability with the lists from the 60s til now is on a steady downward curve. Suppose there's just more music available in the recent decades which leaves more room for super opinionated voices and rampant disagreement with any choices made.

Which means the sheer excess of artists and music for the 00's will be a complete clusterfuck in the comments. To think that Steve Conte won't be on there, and that maybe one person has ever heard of him, is a travesty to me. But I imagine lots of folk will feel that way about their own tucked away personal favorite artist. Will be very interesting to see what you guys come up with.

Nov 22 11 - 11:54am
Alex Heigl

We kind of predicted that. The prevailing theory is that music from the '60s and '70s has been around long enough to form a canon of songs that everyone loves and/or accepts as great, whereas once you get into periods of music that most people really "lived through," the gloves come off.

Nov 22 11 - 2:34pm

What about All My Life by K-Ci and Jojo?? When I think of love songs thats the first song that comes to mind

Nov 22 11 - 9:31pm

Fucking "Wonderwall" and "Iris" are terrible songs, but "More Than Words"? You should be put out to pasture for that.

Nov 23 11 - 12:21am

These guys collected great hits from 1950s to 2000 present.

Nov 23 11 - 12:04pm

most of these songs I have never even heard of... I guess I'm really out of it...

Nov 23 11 - 12:28pm

"Iris" made the list but "Crash Into Me" didn't? How the fuck did that happen?

Nov 23 11 - 1:48pm
Mazzy.. yes! BUT ...

I discovered them in the 2000's but their whole c.d. with this song featured was just amazing. I think I listen to this song at least once a week. I love, love Lauryn Hill but I do not agree with the song selection. It should have been "Sweetest Thing" or "Tell Him", something else besides that. Mint Condition or Babyface not on the list?!!? I don't understand?!?!

Nov 23 11 - 7:35pm

love both friday im in love and iris!yay !

Nov 24 11 - 7:27pm
Say wha?

I can't believe "Black" by Pearl Jam didn't make it onto the list. Not cool.

Nov 26 11 - 1:56pm

So glad that Jawbreaker was included

Nov 30 11 - 1:27am
Hipster Hustle

No "Head Over Feet"? Man, ignoring the simple fact that it poignantly and simply tells of love from the girl's point of view. No angry grrrl rock, no sadness..."You asked how my day was."


Nov 30 11 - 10:01am
One sec...

what about 'Eye Know' by De La Soul?

Nov 30 11 - 3:26pm

"Crash" by Dave Matthews Band. Haters, go on and hate. Others, you know I'm right.

Dec 02 11 - 9:43am

How in the world is Method Man and Mary J Blige "All I Need" not on this list????

Dec 06 11 - 3:02am
Paul Sanchez

Does this site have a page on Facebook?

Jan 29 12 - 3:25pm

Even as a 90's rock die hard, I cannot believe that Celine Dion or Meatloaf's version of "Its Coming Back To Me Now" isn't on here. I hated it at first, but as someone who appreciates music, it is an amazing composition of lyrics and melody.

Jan 30 12 - 4:25am
not so much...

i was kinda let down by this list. i can't believe brian mcknight 'back at one' isn't on here. not happy about that. I've never heard most of these songs. i grew up in the nineties. if this was put up to a vote I'm sure more then half of these songs would not have made the list if voted on by people who weren't in diapers when they were released. C'mon now, not even all-4-one 'i swear' is on here. before they put this stuff up they should really ask people who listened to decent 90's music, while actually in the freaking 90's, not years later when they hear someone else talking about the song and look it up just to see whats being spoken about.

Feb 12 12 - 11:38am

I'm a teenage girl, a band like Oasis would not be a "deal breaker" for women. Not if they have taste at least. That is a sweet song with great vocals and if your girlfriend would rather listen to Justin Bieber or Ke$ha, dump her ass.

Feb 17 12 - 2:34pm

how could PearlJam's "Black" not make this list, The song has been called one greatest love songs ever writen. Not taking away from any of the songs on the list but the fact that Black is not on it really takes a great deal of credibility away from it. I like Oasis, and Bjork but on what planet do they make top 25 and pearl jam does not. There are a great many other songs in the ninteys that should have made this list as well. like I said not saying any of them are bad but top 25 best of the 90's thats just crazy!

Jun 24 12 - 2:27am

why is "Friday, I'm in Love" on here? It's a song where the singer only loves you one day of the week. I like this song, but I wouldn't want anyone to dedicate it to me!

Jun 25 12 - 6:21am


Jun 29 12 - 10:43am

On the Oasis subject, I personally love them and have all of their hits on my phone. We live in a big city in the midwest, but I grew up in Appalachia before going to college. Now this song list is terrible! I am trying to find a love song that was popular while my husband and I were dating during college. Today is the big ten year wedding anniversary yay! So it has to be special :0)

Aug 09 12 - 5:42pm

I think they left out a lot of songs that deserve to be on this sad little list. What about Blessid Union of Souls 'I Believe' or 'Let Me Be the One'? C'mon this list needs to be recinded and rewritten by people who know what a love song is and sounds like, and not some Google-happy R-tards that qualify a song based on the words used in the lyrics and not the meaning behind the lyrics. Bogus! I love the 90's though HAHA!

Aug 25 12 - 6:03pm

Mazzy Star should have been #1 hands down.

Sep 01 12 - 3:25pm

No Boyz II Men? thats horrible.