7. “Estate,” by João Gilberto

Godin: Another amazing Brazilian song, but with Italian lyrics. It’s an amazing, sensual track.


8. “Amarsi Un Pò,” Lucio Battisti

Dunckel: For me, this is like driving a car in the French Riviera, at sunset. You know, it’s super-Latin, very erotic music. Edgy. But it’s such a part of the Italian culture also.


9. “Camille,” by George Delerue

Dunckel: I also love the music from the movie Le Mépris by George Delerue.

Godin: The theme song is “Camille.” It’s a Jean-Luc Godard movie, with Brigitte Bardot. This movie is just so cool from the first scene.

Dunckel: The movie is haunted by the music; it’s really emotional. There is a lot of melancholy to the song — it’s very sad, actually. It sounds like if your girlfriend just left you


10. “E.V.A.,” Jean-Jacques Perrey

Godin: Another song I really love that's more experimental and more funny is “E.V.A.” from Jean-Jacques Perrey. It's been sampled by many people over the years. It’s fun to dance to, and of course it’s romantic to dance.


11. “If You Leave Me Now,” by Chicago

Godin: It’s so cheesy. But it’s cool, you know. It’s like a big pot of honey. I had it on on my way to the airport.

Dunckel: It’s really girly to send music to seduce someone. In the past, a girl would send me some music and it would take me a while to realize that the lyrics were the message.

Godin: As a musician, I can't have music on when I’m with someone. I have a professional’s ear; I’m listening to the instruments, what key it’s in, what kind of reverb is on the drums — it’s like a curse.


12. “The Power of Love,” Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Godin: It’s on the edge of being too much. I think it’s not only about love between a man and a woman. It can be about another kind of love. Like a love between a man and a man [laughs].



Commentarium (22 Comments)

Jan 27 12 - 11:21am

Lee Hazlewood FTW. That guy never gets enough credit. For his music or his mustache.

Jan 27 12 - 11:22am

This is awesome! I love both Air and Melies, had no idea about this project. Their choices are great too!

Jan 27 12 - 11:24am

Haha Godin on Chicago: It’s so cheesy. "But it’s cool, you know." So true and so fantastic. Awesome list.

Jan 27 12 - 12:12pm

This is a wonderful new feature, Nerve!

Jan 27 12 - 12:15pm

these are some seriously sexy jams from a seriously cool band. way to go nerve. also, is it weird that i'm increasingly attracted to serge gainsbourg? i guess not..since all the french hunnies were...

Jan 27 12 - 12:17pm

Great new feature! Now you seriously have to ask D'Angelo!

Jan 27 12 - 2:55pm
Alex Heigl

I would LOVE to get one from D'Angelo.

Jan 27 12 - 12:58pm

This is officially the soundtrack to my life for the following two months.

Jan 27 12 - 1:03pm


Jan 27 12 - 2:36pm

Is there a way to stream the entire mixtap as a whole? If there is, please don't judge me for my ineptitude and share with. If not, that would rule!!
Also, killer new feature!

Jan 27 12 - 3:21pm
Alex Heigl

Fixed for you! There's a link to a Spotify playlist up top -- we're always open to suggestions for other ways to do this, though, so let us know!

Jan 27 12 - 3:52pm

Thanks! I'm clearly not a careful reader. It's a bummer though, cause spotify doesn't have all the songs. Wish I was more tech inclined and could help.

Feb 02 12 - 11:16am

Dear Nerve, please put the playlist on Grooveshark! some of us do not use spotify

Jan 28 12 - 4:14pm

So excited to listen to all of these songs! I LOVE Air.

Jan 28 12 - 9:01pm

proud to have our Italin Lucio in this sountrack

Jan 28 12 - 9:39pm

Bloody brilliant! I would never have thought to put all those songs on the same mix tape, but it works!

Jan 29 12 - 1:24pm

joão gilberto s2

Jan 29 12 - 8:22pm
M. David France

Kudos for pulling off, The Best Nerve article, in a long time. This is the kind of provocative diversion that use to draw me to Nerve ever since I saw Natacha Merritt: Digital Diary's on HBO Real Sex, and followed the bread crumbs thru the web until, I was happily caught in Nerve's Photo Essays, Short Stories, Movie and Music Reviews, etc. There have been some great articles, and amazingly provocative photography, by artists I never learned the names of, content to revel in the fantasies they shared with us digital voyeurs, but few decadent enough to make me want to comment. Air, just happens to be one of my all time favorite musical groups/duo's/ethereal music gods. You'll have to excuse me Maura, If I am entirely jealous of you for the opportunity to dish with the Guys about music that moves them. -Moon Safari- was the cd in a discman, listened to traveling from Orlando to Tampa and back again, visiting the Salvador Dali Museum. I can/can't Imagine how 'surreal' it would be to have an exchange, and learn first hand, the emotions in music that moves them, and to know, in its own round about way, we get to share a part of that thru their music. Playground Love, its remixes and the SDTK to the Virgin Suicides, is still a go-to, late night make out album. In all my envy, I am really more grateful for this column, I get to enjoy another quick little fantasy from Nerve.com, and like all decadent things, you've left me wanting, More!

Jan 30 12 - 6:51pm

Fantastic. Thanks for linking to the spotify playlist Nerve! You rock.

Feb 02 12 - 6:11pm

Also note, this is very similar to the Late Night Tales mixes they did - I recommend checking them out as well!

Feb 03 12 - 3:20pm

The version posted of E.V.A. is not Perrey's original, but a remix by Fatboy Slim. The original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2q8Fpf3eLQ

Feb 11 12 - 1:00pm
Val 9

Lucio Battisti. Don't pass him by, dear readers. At the very least, check my favourite track by him - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6YSThUaGnY