The Nerve Mixtape With Andrew W.K.

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The Nerve Mixtape With Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. gives us a… unique seduction playlist.

After Andrew W.K. gave us sex advice a couple of months back, we started to think that the man actually knew a lot more about matters of the heart than you'd expect from his music. So we asked him what he'd put on a romantic seduction mixtape. The results were illuminating.

1. Butthole Surfers, "Hurdy Gurdy Man"

It's the first song that someone else put on a mixtape for me, which I remember very clearly — that they chose it for me. I prefer the Butthole Surfers version to the original, probably because I heard it first. It's really tremendous. I've played it for many girls over the years, and I don't think they were as psyched as I am. It's the best thing Butthole Surfers ever did.


2. Laurie Anderson, "O Superman"

Kind of a nice transition from the extreme tremolo effect on the last song. This was Laurie Anderson's biggest hit — it was an unprecedented pop hit. This was one of the first songs to use sampling and very heavy vocoder use. Just an incredible groundbreaking work.


3. Klaus Schulze, "Blanche"

This is from a soundtrack he made for a pornographic movie of the same name. It's very atmospheric, all instrumental. You really could imagine pleasuring yourself, or someone else, to that music.


4. Terry Riley, "Descending Moonshine Dervishes" 

This piece is just completely hypnotic. The tone that was set by the Klaus Schluze piece can be intensified by a nice long Riley track.


5. Wendy Carlos, "Dies Irae"

This is from the soundtrack to The Shining. It's actually a very old Gregorian chant that had been formalized years earlier by a different composer, and this is her interpretation of it. It's very unsettling, but in a sensual, slow kind of way. Her contributions to this soundtrack were lost for a while, but they've been re-released recently. 


6. Wendy Carlos, "Prelude and Fugue, #7 in E Flat Major"

Wendy Carlos is absolutely one of the most important American composers of the twentieth century. Her version of this piece from The Well-Tempered Clavier is the best I've ever heard from anyone, on any instrument, because she slows it way the fuck down. The temptation with Bach is to play it really fast, and she just savors ever note, every melody. Which is also important in sexual activities.


7. Obituary, "Dying"

I'm trying to make this palatable to people who I have no interest in sleeping with, to consider their feelings as well, because that's important. Obituary's drummer, Donald Tardy, actually put together the band that played on I Get Wet and my live group who I work with to this day. He'll actually be playing a few of the shows on the upcoming tour. Obituary's album Cause of Death is considered to be one of the archetypal death metal album, and it's just… heavy. I mean, the vocals…just wow.


8. Nazareth, "Miss Misery"

At first this song seems kind of stodgy with its very heavy, very simple riff, but the singer has just one of the most incredible voices. There's a point in the lyrics where he sings something like "All my days are filled with shit, the nights are filled with anger, spend my money on crystal balls, and the charms of a gypsy dancer. Trying to break the spell, your hold on me!" It's gripping — rage and frustration can be very sexy sometimes.


9. AC/DC, "Let's Get It On"

At this point you might be fatigued. You might need to be revived and reinspired and send that blood to that most crucial body part. That's what this song's about.


10. Andrew W.K., "It's Time to Party"

I'm going to do one of my own. This pick is the deceptive ending. Just when you're starting to wind down, you realize that it's actually just beginning.

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