The Nerve Mixtape With Robert Schwartzman

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The Nerve Mixtape With Robert Schwartzman

The former Rooney frontman and general Hollywood man about town gives us a romantic playlist for the ages.

by Alex Heigl

Robert Schwartzman is best known for being the frontman of uber-California band Rooney, and yes, Jason Schwartzman's brother. But he's also an accomplished actor and musician in his own right, and is currently promoting his second album, Double Capricorn, sales of which benefit the Tibetan Healing Fund. Pick up a copy, then enjoy this Spotify playlist of Robert's Mixtape.

1. The Stone Roses, "I Wanna Be Adored"
This just reminds me of driving to school with my brother, and watching him energetically air-drum to it. Growing up, he was one of my big musical influences — in high school, he was in a band, and I wasn't, so he guided me towards a lot of great music.


2. Nilsson, "Living Without You"
This isn't the Badfinger song that he covered — it's actually a Randy Newman song. People don't give Randy Newman enough credit for being a romantic.


3. Sugar, "The Act We Act"
Another one from the '90s that brings back a lot of memories of high school for me.


4. Pixies, "Velouria"
It's got a dreamy, really heartfelt quality to it.


5. Built to Spill, "Time Trap"
All of their songs are just so easy to get lost in — they have this wandering, spacious feeling to them that's really romantic.


6. Dr. Hook, "Sexy Eyes"
This is really where I get into the seductive material.


7. New Order, "Bizarre Love Triangle"
I think it seems more clever than it is to put this after Dr. Hook, because New Order's bass player was Peter Hook, but I didn't really mean to do that — this just such a great, upbeat song.


8. Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do"
This is off their great "lost" album, Sunflower/Surf's Up — it's a deep pick. Beautiful harmonies and a great melody.


9. Billy Idol, "Flesh for Fantasy"
I had to put Billy Idol on here, but I think this is one of his more sensitive ones.


10. The Buggles, "Living in the Plastic Age"
This is the first song off the album that also has "Video Killed the Radio Star," and it's a great opener to the album.


11. Hall and Oates, "Out of Touch"
I don't think it's possible to have a romantic mixtape without Hall & Oates. I put this on when I get in the car, and it just pumps me up for a night out.


12. Robert Scwhartzman, "All My Life"
This song was written about what it's like to have someone in your life for a very long time. Then, even when you're not together anymore, you still feel them and their influence on you, what they've done for you. 


13. Prince, "Private  Joy"
I love this song because there's no buildup — he just hits you right on the head with it, it just launches right into things from the get-go.


14. Todd Rundgren, "I Saw the Light"
Just a really beautiful song with a lot of major-seventh chords. It's got that jazz-rock, Seventies feel, which I'm a really big fan of.


(Hidden Track) Donald Fagen, "I.G.Y."
Can I have a hidden track? Can you make the Todd Rundgren song fifteen minutes long, with some dead air in the middle, and then have this play after thirty seconds or so, so it'll be a hidden track to my Mixtape? [No. No we cannot. — Ed.]