What Are You Listening To?

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What Are You Listening To?

"I'm going to think back to this summer and dance…"

Silvia, 36

What were you just listening to?
Marilyn Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams."

Listen: Marilyn Manson – "Sweet Dreams"


What do you usually listen to?
Almost everything. I go from dark music, like Depeche Mode and Marilyn Manson, to Johnny Cash, which is totally different. I like pretty much everything, except like — well, I love Madonna, but the old Madonna. I can't stand Lady Gaga. What else? Radiohead is one of my favorite bands ever. 

Did you go to Wall Street to try to see them?
No, I didn't. But actually, I'm from Florence, Italy, and they came to Florence a long time ago. And a friend of mine helped them find an apartment. One of the guys in Radiohead is married to a girl from Florence, and my friend knows her. I didn't meet them, unfortunately. But I know they'll be back in New York.

If you were going to make a mixtape for someone that you were interested in, who would you put on it? 
I would say — I know this is weird — but I would say The Cure. The Cure is one of my favorite bands ever. I saw them in New York, maybe like, three years ago? It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. 

That's not so weird. I bet "Love Song" has been on a lot of mixtapes.
Exactly. I love the old Cure. 

What's some of your guilty-pleasure music? 
Let me think about it. 

What was the last song that made you cry? 
There's a song by Christina Aguilera…

Maybe that's your guilty pleasure.
That's my guilty pleasure, exactly! I usually don't listen to her, but there is a song I love called "You Lost Me." I lost a past boyfriend, so that was the song.

Do you listen to any Italian music?
I don't really, although my father was a musician for a long time, and I used to work in music. I used to sing. I have my song on my iPod, so that's Italian music. Actually, there's a band called Subsonica, who aren't famous at all here, but they're really good. The thing about Italian music now is that Italian musicians want to sound like American musicians, because it's cool to be like an American.

Listen: Subsonica – "Ancora Ad Odiare"


Bizz-E, 22, musician/entrepreneur

So what kind of music and what kind of entrepreneur-ing?
I work with a t-shirt label, and I'm also working on an EP called Business Before All

What kind of music?
Good-ass music. It's fucking dope. It's a new genre. Hip-hop, galactic soul.

Who inspires your galactic soul?
I'm not inspired by a lot. There are only a few in the industry right now. Kanye West, and not even just how he raps — it's everything. His style is cool. It's out there sometimes. I am a fan. 

What were you just listening to?
I was listening to 88-Keys, featuring J'Davey — a song called "Dirty Peaches."

Listen: 88-Keys – "Dirty Peaches"


Is it your favorite song of the year?
It's actually my song from three years ago — I'm not up to date!

What's a guilty pleasure song?
Probably "Dirty Peaches!" I mean, it's called "Dirty Peaches." That's embarrassing. 

Oh, come on, that's not so bad. 
I also have some Gaga on here. She gets pretty out there. She's pretty weird. 

Wait you're making hip-hop intergalactic music, and you think Gaga is weird?
I just feel like her newest album stepped a bit out of place, for me. Her music and her art and the way she came up, I'm a fan. But I feel like she's changing. She's got a lot going on. I think she's still trying to get her message out. I did see her dressed up like a man. 

What's your music dealbreaker, when you pick up a girl's iPod?
Lil B. If I see Lil B on there, I'm not interested in her. 

Who would you be a groupie for?
Skylar Grey. She's new. I like her art. She did that song with Eminem — she has a dope voice. 

Listen: Eminem ft. Skylar Grey – "Sweet Dreams"


What's a band or artist that should just stop?
I can't. I'm not a hater. 

Oh, come on. I will: Bruno Mars.
Really? You don't like him? What about Tyler the Creator?

I don't like his homophobia.
I don't think he's as homophobic as he acts. They're all crazy, but they do their thing.

Daniel, 22

What were you listening to just now?
I was listening to Madonna's "Get Together," from Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Listen: Madonna – "Get Together"


Is Madonna someone you listen to often?
I do. At least one song every morning.

Have you ever seen her live?
I have. I've seen her twice live. And it's amazing. I've met her once.

You met Madonna?
You know the Make-A-Wish Foundation? When I was young, I was actually sick at one point. I had cancer. One of the first albums I ever got was Ray of Light. I had the cassette and I'd play it over and over and over. So who did I want to meet if I had the chance to meet anyone in the world? Madonna. And I did. She was here for the Reinvention tour. And it was amazing — she was very nice. She talked about the Lower East Side and how she loved it here. She's really petite. But she was really friendly. So it was surprising.

So you were "Born This Way."
I was born this way before Lady Gaga.

Who are some of your favorite bands or artists ever?
I like Blondie. I love No Doubt — I wish they'd come out with an album already, for Christ's sake. No offense to Gwen Stefani. There's Faith Hill — I like her because she's crossover country. She's not too country. My dad loves Elvis, so I grew up with Elvis.

Listen: Elvis – "Suspicious Minds"


If you could be a groupie for any artist or band, who would it be?
Well, I've already done Madonna. Who would I be a groupie for? That's a great question. Maybe Britney Spears, just to see how many pills she pops a day. As much as I love her, I think she's at, like, Judy Garland status right now. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I'm a big fan, I love her, I just loved the last album. I saw her on her previous tour for Circus, on my birthday. It was awesome. But she's definitely not all there.