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America loves the troops! But sometimes we send our beloved troops into wars and their body parts are blown off. In recent years doctors have been getting better at transplanting all sorts of things from hands to faces. This month doctors at John Hopkins sat they will begin penis transplants and this week they announced 60 vets will receive the procedure. The doctors say the procedure will restore all urinary and sexual function to the wounded warriors.

giphy (79) reports on some of the more obvious details of the story:

“…especially for younger men, identity can be deeply tied to sexuality.”

Ya think?

The procedure was first done successfully in South Africa:

“In 2014, surgeons in South Africa successfully grafted a donated penis to a 21-year-old who lost his own in a botched ritual circumcision.”

We don’t want to ask what a “ritual circumcision” is. Uterus transplants haven’t been as successful. Just last month the first transplanted uterus was rejected by it’s host.

Though science may give these vets a second chance at a normal life, there’s always something a little strange about saying your willing to give your uterus or penis to science.

“But volunteer organ donors who have checked off the requisite box on their driver’s license applications or renewal forms should not be worried, said Anne Paschke, spokeswoman for the United Network for Organ Sharing.

‘Rest assured. When you sign up to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor, it does not include the face, hands, uterus, or penis,’ Paschke said. ‘There has to be a separate request and consent for those.'”

One way to solve all this might be to just simply stop sending soldiers into unnecessary wars. Don’t hold your breath on that one. #USA