Amy Sedaris has new book coming out: “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People”

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Amy Sedaris, comedienne and domestic goddess, has a new book coming out that addresses the lack of, well, things to do in these financially rough times. Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is her second how-to book. According to Amazon, Simple Times includes handy instructions for:

[making] popular crafts, such as: crab-claw roach clips, tinfoil balls, and crepe-paper moccasins, and learn how to: get inspired (Spend time at a Renaissance Fair; Buy fruit, let it get old, and see what shapes it turns into); remember which kind of glue to use with which material (Tacky with Furry, Gummy with Gritty, Paste with Prickly, and always Gloppy with Sandy); create your own craft room and avoid the most common crafting accidents (sawdust fires, feather asphyxia, pine cone lodged in throat); and cook your own edible crafts, from a Crafty Candle Salad to Sugar Skulls, and many more recipes.

Valuable advice. Her last book, I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence also included tips for home-entertaining. (Have you ever considered filling your medicine cabinet with marbles to announce a nosy guest?)

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is available for order on November 2nd.