Archie Comics introduces its first openly gay character

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Archie Comics introduces first openly gay character

Meet Kevin Keller, the hot new guy at Riverdale High. Transferring to a new fictional high school can be tough for anyone, especially when you are and will likely remain the only gay person anyone there has ever seen.

That's right, Archie Comics, one of the oldest forms of human communication, is finally introducing an openly gay character, a bottle blonde who prefers tucked shirts and not matching belts to shoes:

Archie Comics introduces its first openly gay character, Kevin Keller

Of course, because the humble pages of Archie have never been graced by a homosexual, Veronica assumes that this handsome new student is straight and develops a public crush on him. When asked about the matter by a classmate named Jughead, Kev (can we call him that yet?) politely responds with "I'm gay," which Jughead is totally cool with. The story is titled (and I'm not even joking) "Isn't it Bromantic?" 

So, unless Scanner James continues writing his own gay Archie storylines, there's still absolutely no reason to buy an issue of this boring, boring comic.