Barbara Cartland gives New Year’s party tips from beyond the grave

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Barbara Cartland

Even though she passed away all the way back in 2000, romance novelist and old school etiquette guru Barbara Cartland is having kind of a moment. At least according to The Daily Mail, which decided to publish this handy guide to partying Cartland-style, just in time for your (undoubtedly classy) New Year's party planning needs.

Besides being the perfect excuse to bust out the above image of Cartland, the article is full of helpful, extremely relevant party tips, including warnings to never invite more than two Dukes to the same party, "use napkin rings only at luncheon," and to "remember [that] intoxication is neither amusing nor mannerly. Know your limit and stop there."

Hmm, I don't know about that last part, but I do know that this has brought back fond memories of that other all-knowing etiquette expert I turn to in times of need… let's revisit this just for old times' sake: