Behold: the latest archival content from David Foster Wallace

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It seems like every other week someone discovers and releases a new batch of previously unseen work from David Foster Wallace. Two years ago it was The Pale King, then it was his undergraduate thesis in newly-minted book form, and now Newsweek — and its new ownership under the oldest guy in the world has the scoop on some never-before-seen writings from the author. Like all people that like words, I love David Foster Wallace, but wonder to what degree he'd approve of the public seeing all of his drafts.

Newsweek isn't showing us anything that The Harry Ransom Center at University of Texas at Austin doesn't already have under glass, but Wallace might have felt weird about airing his beefs with John Barth to the world. But if you're curious to see baby Wallace's handwriting circa 1972, it can't hurt to look.