Bill Clinton writes preface to college roommate’s spy thriller

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Best-selling author Bill Clinton did his old college roomie at Georgetown a solid recently, by writing a preface to his new spy thriller, The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen. Thomas Caplan was an original FOB who roomed with the future president in the sixties. I'm surprised Mr. Clinton beat James Franco to it, being a busy man himself.

The novel follows movie star and ex-spook Ty Hunter in his efforts to prevent nuclear warheads from winding up in the wrong hands. Clinton, totally objective, describes the book as a "stylish, involving, utterly contemporary puzzle." Looks like the former president has some blurb skills too. Caplan is a seasoned writer who founded the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction and has two previous novels under his belt. But having his old buddy's name attached certainly can't hurt. Clinton's doorstop of a memoir, My Life, sold over two-million hardback copies alone. Caplan definitely hit the ex-roommate lottery. All my old college roommate was known for was making killer mixtapes for girlfriends.