Blair Witch actress gave up acting to grow pot

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Remember Heather Donahue, the blue-ski-capped actress from the 1999 indie-horror juggernaut, The Blair Witch Project, who you never wonder about? Well, it turns out that Donahue, highly distressed at being lost in the woods in that pseudo-documentary, ditched the whole acting thing and moved to Northern California in order to cultivate medical marijuana.

By 2007, the thirty-seven-year-old Pennsylvania native was growing weed, and even received her own medical marijuana prescription to treat PMS. She documents her year cultivating the nausea-relieving plant in her new memoir, Growgirl: How My Life After the Blair Witch Project Went to Pot. In the book, which hits shelves January 5, Donahue writes:

"I wanted to change my life, see what else was out there for me, what else I might become. So I burned most of the stuff from my life in L.A. (resumes, headshots, lingerie, lint) in the desert and moved to pretty little Nuggettown. I had no idea what to do next, and growing pot was what presented itself. I felt better about putting medical marijuana in the world than I did about making another terrible movie."

And indeed, anyone in their right mind would take their chances growing bud as opposed to doing another Jeff Fahey-starring TV movie called Manticore, about a man-eating monster. But Donahue, who was "always an avid gardener," eventually gave up her risky occupation, after her friend was arrested on the day of her first pruning. 

Shockingly, for someone who ran her own high-grade "cannabusiness," and referred to her plants as "The Girls," Donahue is pro-legalization. She said, "I think you're going to see [medical marijuana] on a lot of ballots over the next few years. There has been enough support for medical use if not outright legalization that I don't think it will go away."