Bush and Cheney join Hitler, Bin Laden, Manson on school yearbook list

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Parents of students at Russellville Middle School in Arkansas are outraged, as the school's yearbook has accidentally included a list of "the top five worst people of all time" that finds George W. Bush at number four, and Dick Cheney at number five, after uber-evilmongers Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Charles Manson. The inclusion of the list was an "oversight," according to Superintendent Randall Williams, and was quickly remedied through a sophisticated technique that involved faculty members sticking black tape over the offending page.

The list itself was taken from an opinion website's independent poll, and not a result of students voting themselves, which would have been curious emanating from an Arkansas middle school. Russellville resident Chris Cloud, a parent and school board member, was indignant over the fiasco, saying "My problem is the tape can be removed easily. I'm furious as a parent and as a board member and as a taxpayer and as a resident of Russellville. It's wrong." I would be angry too, because Pol Pot was definitely more heinous than George W. Bush. And what about Stalin? This is not a good poll. Even though others cite the First Amendment, I'm telling you, this is not an objectively good poll.

The woman in charge of the yearbook is extremely remorseful for not having spotted the controversial list before shipping the book off to the printers, and the whole editing process is currently under review, which probably entails people telling other people to pay more attention in the future. Dick Cheney could not be reached for comment, as he was holed up in an undisclosed location reading The Most Dangerous Game.