Failed Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell gets the unavoidable book deal

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Failed Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell, everyone's favorite Carrie Nation-of-onanism-slash-non-witch, has got her book deal. Our hopes that she would disappear forever have, well, disappeared.

The media sensation, who paid her dues by practically living on the set of Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, is considered a dizzy mama grizzly in the Sarah Palin mold by some, a smart, attractive businesswoman by others, but an entertaining public figure by all. Which bodes well for unit-moving.

The lucky publisher, St. Martin's Press, which plans to release the book in August 2011, stated in a news release that the book will "take the reader behind the scenes of her race for the Senate and embody O'Donnell's identification with America's frustrations and concerns with the current political climate."

So you can read that scintillating stuff, or just look at pictures of her with various hookups online, as you wait for more tawdry archival treasure to emerge. You decide.