Conservatives angry at Archie comics’ impending gay marriage plot

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Kevin Keller in Archie comics

There hasn't been this much drama in Archie-land since, um, ever. It was announced earlier this year that Archie's gay friend Kevin Keller would wed a man in an upcoming issue. And now conservatives are outraged that America's most wholesome comic book is stepping into sexually progressive territory. Because nothing influences today's youth more than a 1940s-era cartoon. It's what they read when hanging out at barbershops while eating penny candy, for sure.

Well, that's what Peter Spriggs, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council thinks, at least. Here's what he told Fox News:

"It's unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution. I think whatever boost in sales might come from the novelty or curiosity factors will be more than offset by the number of both kids and parents who will be turned off by this storyline and its obvious social and political agenda."

Hmm, by this logic, innocent all-Americans can't be gay-married. Also if the issue doesn't sell, it's not because of any political agenda. It's because Archie comics are seventy-years old..