Courtney Love is writing a memoir

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Courtney Love

Between reruns of Clarissa Explains It All and the twentieth-anniversary reissue of Nirvana's Nevermind, you've probably been relishing the '90s lately. Well, now you can further revel in grunge culture, as Courtney Love has just announced that she's writing a memoir. She's penning her autobiography with the help of Anthony Bozza, the man responsible for bringing the hedonistic tales of Tommy Lee, Slash, and INXS to bookshelves everywhere.

So just what will this supposed tell-all reveal? From drug use to a legendary deceased husband to unflattering accusations regarding her capabilities as both a mother and musician, there are plenty of topics for the unflinchingly blunt Love to mouth off on. Even her own mother has had, um, less-than-stellar things to say about Courtney (see the mom-written biography Her Mother's Daughter). Live through that!