Craigslist ad seeks writer to rip off the style of James Patterson

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An interesting New York Craigslist ad has recently surfaced, looking for a worker-bee writer to churn out prose in the style of bestselling thriller author, James Patterson. The actual word used is "pattersonization." The insanely popular Patterson has moved millions of units, but that's not how you know he made it. You know he made it because he lent his voice and "image" to The Simpsons. Maybe because his Alex Cross books have veered into punning-title territory in recent years, someone felt that this town was big enough for two James Pattersons, and decided to capitalize. Is this just an extension of what people like artist Jeff Koons and author James Frey are doing, farming out the work as a business proposition? Thanks, Andy Warhol.

Here's how the ad (which is borderline Onion-esque) reads:

James Patterson has sold over 200 million novels — more than Stephen King, John Grisham and Dan Brown combined — largely because his brief, open, explicit style mimics popular TV.

It's so easy on the reader.

Help us pattersonize our novels — editing, punching up the prose — cutting to the core of the emotion.

$5 to $10 per page, quality — revisions required — dependent.  

More than 2000 pages existing work to be edited at present.

What's next, Dr. Franzenstein's House of Prose?