Kindles infested with virus known as “pornography”

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Watchmen Kindle porn

What is the point of the Kindle? You pay $200 to read a book on a computer, paying almost the same price you would pay if you would just buy the lightweight paperback, which fits just as well in your purse? Well, according to this Newser piece, you buy Kindles because you want to read "erotic fiction."

Pornographic literature is creeping up the bestseller list — and almost none of it has anything to do with Twilight.

Take Compromising Positions, about an "international fitness company" executive who gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to help a friend demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her yoga class—you get the picture. It's not so much porn as a typical romance novel, a genre that often has explicit scenes, and it's doing well because its publisher is using the e-reader trick of temporarily giving away free downloads.

But racier titles are on the list—again because they're giveaways or near giveaways—that further blur the line into porn. This is bound to catch up with Amazon… [Newser]

It's always amusing how, each time a new piece of technology hits the market — such as the iPhone or, you know, the internet — analysts and observers are always surprised that people just want to look at porn on it.