Larry Flynt writes book about sex lives of U.S. presidents

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Everyone's favorite pornmeister, Larry Flynt, has a new book out, entitled One Nation Under Sex, in which he takes a closer look at the sex lives of U.S. presidents and first ladies, a topic traditionally eschewed by historians. Luckily, Flynt didn't act alone. He brought in Columbia University lecturer David Eisenbach to work with him, in order to up the credibility quotient.

As an inveterate dirt-digger with deep pockets, this kind of book is right up Flynt's alley. Choice bits include the slutty ways of Dolly Madison, James Buchanan's gay love affair, and the question that keeps us all up at night: who is the more selfish lover, Bill Clinton or JFK?

Material for the book was gleaned over several years from various sources including the National Archives and presidential libraries. And it appears there was plenty of fodder enabling the iconoclastic Flynt to be the fly in Doris Kearns Goodwin's ointment. He said:

"I think Jefferson was like the Energizer Bunny with more than just Sally Hemings if you know what I mean. Historians have stayed clear of anything that might be unsavory about the guy who drafted the Constitution."

So what does everyone think? Should the prurient details of the Founding Fathers' lives be part of the national conversation, or was Monica Lewinsky more than enough, without having to go into Benjamin Franklin's seduction techniques with French women?