“Mad Men” book will fill the void between seasons

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Don Draper of "Mad Men" drowning.

That's it, ladies and gentlemen: this Sunday marks the end of yet another unfairly short season of Mad Men. And though Don, Peggy, and Pete won't be around to keep you warm this winter, you could try snuggling under the covers with Mad Men: The Illustrated World, a "94-page book [that] contains short essays from cast members Bryan Batt and Rich Sommer, tips on dealing with accidental amputations and enough cocktail recipes to keep your next office bash going well into the wee hours."

The book also contains illustrated renditions of scenes taken from the show, like this one from the Drapers' trip to Rome:

Mad Men illustrated in Rome.

If the illustration style looks familiar to you, then you were one of the millions who Mad Men'd themselves, and thus are that much more likely to get this book.