National Book Awards somehow accidentally nominates wrong book

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In a time when no one seems to care about the state of current fiction, I would have hoped that the National Book Awards would be among the remaining few who would know the difference between the recently released titles Chime and Shine. Sadly, this is not the case.

When the NBA (no relation) announced their nominations for this year's awards, they erroneously included Lauren Myracle's book Shine on the list, but they actually meant to say Franny Billingsley's Chime. Apparently, the National Book Foundation misheard the judges' selections during a phone call. I guess no one involved has access to email. Imagine the horror on those literary nerds' faces when they discovered their mistake! I'd say it's at least twice as bad as discovering an accidental comma splice. 

To correct their error, the NBF originally just stuck Chime in there, leaving Shine to ingloriously occupy its accidental spot of honor. But then, on Friday, Myracle was asked to withdraw her book from the running to "preserve the integrity of the National Book Awards." Ouch. Here's to hoping that Myracle's publishing house hadn't already ordered a 50,000 count reprinting of her book with that little "National Book Award Nominee" icon on the cover.