New book “51 Dates / 50 Weeks” makes the case for mass dating

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51 dates / 50 weeks book

A new book about having a date a week for a year proves people still haven't figured out that dating gimmicks don't work. Kristen McGuiness "made a pact' (read: she needed a pitch for a book deal) to go on 50 dates in as many weeks to find… well, what everyone else is looking for:

After years of living the LA high life, Kristen McGuiness found herself single, sober, and seriously questioning whether she was destined to be alone. How hard could it be to find a guy whose hand she could hold at the movie theater, whose name she could put down as her emergency contact at the doctor’s office, and who would know when to tell her she’s beautiful? And more than that—where was that euphoric full-body tingle spurred only by being in love? [Amazon]

Where have we heard this before? Everywhere. Check out where she decided to look for true love:

…The Onion’s online personals, a sympathetic boss, weekly meetings for recovering addicts, a magical spiritual healer, and good old fashioned blind dates arranged by friends… [Amazon]

For many of us, the worst part about dating isn't how lousy we feel over being unable to "find someone," it's the constant annoyance of having to slug through date after date, meeting new people and being constantly disappointed.

If you don't believe us — and think going on a lot of first dates is the way to go — you'll probably find some inspiration in "51 Dates / 50 Weeks." After all, McGuiness did:

But in the course of her memoir, she (ready, girls?): kicked her coke addiction, went on multiple dates with a bad-boy electrician, and formed a lasting relationship with a Jewish–Native American shaman who taught her the truth about love.