“On the Road” iPad app outsells Bible app

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Jack Kerouac's 1957 novel On the Road, based on a series of shambolic, mid-century cross-country trips taken by the author and friends, continues to be either a resonant document of spiritual emotion recollected in tranquility, or mere "typing," depending on your taste. Either way, the book remains in the zeitgeist, evidenced by strong sales last week of the new seventeen-dollar "amplified edition" of the On the Road iPad app. The beat-generation bible outgrossed both the actual Bible and the new digital edition of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land.

Kerouac famously wrote his most popular book on a 120-foot teletype scroll, so it's kind of ironic that something evocative of ancient techniques of composition would wind up on such a futuristic (for Kerouac) delivery system. The Penguin Classics app has all sorts of bells and whistles, such as an interactive map of car-trip routes taken in the book, as well as historical photos, audio clips, and tributes from fellow writers. After reading the new On the Road app, you'll want to put on your best flannel shirt, jump in your electric car, and, stopping at charging stations along the way, drive across the country in search of nothing but kicks and enlightenment.