Oscar Wilde's gay love letters discovered

Oscar Wilde's gay love letters discovered.

New handwritten love letters from Oscar Wilde have recently resurfaced, most of which regard professional matters, while some concern some very, very unprofessional matters. 

"This is all wrong, isn't it," he saucily pens in one of the notes. In an 1887 letter, he invites fellow editor Alsager Vian out for some "cigars and Italian wine," which may or may not have been the 1887 equivalent to brunch-and-mimosas. 

And it only gets sillier:

Will be home tomorrow afternoon, so glad if you come down for tea. We must have an Evening together soon over our journalism article. ... Come and dine at Pagani's in Portland Street on Friday 7.30pm. No dress, just ourselves and a flask of Italian wine. Afterwards we will smoke cigarettes and Talk over the Journalistic article, could we go to your rooms, I am so far off, and clubs are difficult to Talk in. Till Thursday night. This is all wrong, isn't it. Truly yours, Oscar Wilde.

If that sounds strikingly similar to the last drunk text you sent out, then perhaps you are a 21st Century Oscar Wilde. But... you're probably not.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Sep 16 10 - 9:31pm
Little Ricky

Needs more "swish-swish-snap-snap", and a bit of an over-emphasized lisp to be a Gay love letter . Sounds like he wants to borrow money from the "other guy".
If you see Gay in this, seriously--- are you a Baptist preacher?

Sep 17 10 - 12:01pm

If people don't know he was gay just read some of his works.

Sep 18 10 - 1:25pm

he looks like david schwimmer from friends.

Mar 12 12 - 11:01am

Such a hard time.such a broken heart:-(