Pippa Middleton announces party planning book, displays impeccable sense of timing

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pippa middleton

When you've already stolen the royal wedding away from your sister and endured a leaked photo scandal, what else is a duchess' sis to do? What's that, publicist? Write a book on party planning, as Britain suffers from a terrible economy that's just ripe for glamorous parties? Smashing.

While she waits on a proposal from a duke, earl, or, if she's feeling particularly desperate, a billionaire commoner, Pippa Middleton has decided to shop around a book on planning the perfect party. The British press has responded with bubbling enthusiasm. No, that's not right. Acid. Bubbling acid is more like it.

Both The Daily Mail and The Guardian presented fake party tips from Pippa, which paint her as kind of a ditzy, out-of-touch princess (except, you know, not the real kind). "If a girl wants to be popular, she has to be a really good sport. Here I am showing my fun side by wearing a dress that is made of real, actual loo paper!" the Daily Mail's David Thomas captions a photo of Pippa.

The Guardian, meanwhile, boasts a leaked pitch for Pippa's Amazing Royal Party Book with such gems as, "My royal in-laws love a fancy dress party with an original theme. For example, you could have a Nazi theme," and "Never go home with someone whose address is more than two words long."

Now, Pippa works for her parents' shop, Party Pieces, so I guess she's sort of an authority on these things. Still, maybe not the best PR move from someone known solely for accompanying her more famous sister on yachts and to nightclubs. 

On the other hand, Lifetime, I hope you're tracking these developments for the companion piece to your magnum opus, William & Kate. I can see it already. Pippa: The People's Partying (Almost) Princess.