Read a short story Wes Anderson wrote in college

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It is very Wes Anderson, and it is very college. Anderson wrote the short story, "The Ballad of Reading Milton," while he was an undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin. And how it might have quietly stayed buried had the editor of the school's literary journal not found it, scanned it, and posted it on the Internet for all to see. (As someone who wrote several essays and short stories that are probably still lying in some closet at my alma mater, I live in fear that anyone, ever, might read them. So, sorry, Wes.)

The story follows a character named Max — also the name of the protagonist in Anderson's Rushmore, possibly not coincidentally — as he moves about New York City, musing to himself and doing odd things with Dr. Pepper. Here's the first page:

You can find the rest of the story on the journal's blog, but I warn you, it contains lines like, "You've got to cut him some slack, though. I mean, he was Nietzsche. That carries some clout where I come from."