Readers urged to move Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” to the crime section of bookshops

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George Bush

Book store employees may have their work cut out for them this week, as a new Facebook group is encouraging people to move George W. Bush's new memoir, Decision Points, to the crime section of their local book shop. It's a subtle and subversive way for readers to express their, uh, opinions of The Decider.

And this won't be the first time a politician's memoir was purposely misplaced as a form of non-violent protest. Back in September, another Facebook group attracted thousands of Tony Blair unwell-wishers in a bid to engage in quiet skulduggery by placing his memoir, A Journey, in the crime section of British book shops. Dozens of users subsequently posted photographs on the site of the book on the wrong shelf.   So it appears that such crime stalwarts as James Ellroy, Patricia Highsmith and Elmore Leonard will have some unusual company on Tuesday.  

And here's a tip: If the crime section gets too full, you can always try the humor section.