Scantily-clad Maureen Dowd becomes comic-book superhero

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Check out this awesome Maureen Dowd comic book, in which the vampy New York Times columnist acts more vampy than usual while also… you know what, the artist's website says it better than I ever could:

Maureen Dowd, the famous and popular political opinion columnist, is about to write her most powerful and influential column ever!! She's come in possession of information that could topple the American government, destroy the White House and bring the Free World to its knees. Joined by the shadowy black-ops rogue agent, Shadow Wolf, can she fend off the assaults of fanatical White House officials and Hezzbollah commandos in time to write and deliver her column before deadline and still be on time for her third date with George Clooney? What's a girl to do?

What indeed? Actually, it's funny to imagine what the real Dowd herself will do when she gets wind of this. My guess is feel embarrassed, because her usual snippy gender-shaming (Democratic men are testicle-less nebbishes, Republican women are castrating shrews, etc) won't really do much against the comic's satirical thrust. It's pretty clever in the way it parodies Dowd's sexy-lady-journalist self-image with a much more juvenile fantasy. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it, and this is just a goofy comic whose author has no strong feelings on Maureen Dowd one way or the other. Decide for yourself: you can get the comic from artist Benjamin Marra's website.