Sir Salman Rushdie mocks Kim Kardashian on Twitter

If you happened to catch Anderson Cooper's dead-on impression of child bride Courtney Stodden last week, you know that famous smart people making fun of famous dumbasses is a formula for comic gold. Acclaimed essayist/novelist Sir Salman Rushdie figured this out firsthand last Tuesday night, when he tweeted a limerick poking fun at Kim Kardashian's split from Kris Humphries. 

After one of Rushdie's followers asked him to issue a statement on the Kardashian divorce, the Satanic Verses author responded with the following: "the marriage of poor kim #kardashian was krushed like a car in a krashian/her kris kried, not fair! why kan't i keep my share?/but kardashian fell klean outta fashian." When he heard the thud of English majors' jaws dropping on the floor, Rushdie later tweeted/explained/tweesplained, "I was challenged. Can't resist a challenge."

Oh, Sir Salman Rushdie, you impish little scamp, there's no need for self-justification. You totally watched the shit out of the Kardashian nuptials, just like the rest of us plebes, and you loved every second of it. Just keep doing your thing, and don't let the haters bring you down. You know a thing or two about warding off haters, right?

In fact, having your fair share of haters is something that you and Kim Kardashian have in common. Now that she's back on the market, you should take your magic web of words and spin it into a celebrity romance for the ages. You krazy kids would make the kyootest kouple. 

Commentarium (7 Comments)

Nov 03 11 - 11:59pm

Can you believe that this guy used to be married to that hot chick on Top Chef?

Nov 04 11 - 6:43pm

No. I almost posted this same question.

Nov 04 11 - 3:01am
I wish

someone would pee on me and make me famous.

Nov 04 11 - 1:20pm

Ok I must have missed something. Who got peed on? And by whom?

Nov 04 11 - 2:10pm

I very much doubt Rushdie would have invested precious minutes watching this wedding. I suspect his interest in the matter begins and ends with a scan of the tabloids over a morning coffee. Granted he is a bit of a dirty-old-man, so his interest may be more prurient.

Nov 05 11 - 2:39am
Abe froman

Sr can't rebound. It will never last