Stephen King close to finishing sequel to The Shining

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The news that Stephen King is working on Dr. Sleep, the sequel to his 1977 novel, The Shining, was officially announced on his website yesterday, after King read excerpts from the work-in-progress at George Mason University over the weekend, where he was accepting the Mason Prize. All we know of the plot is that Danny Torrance is now a forty-year-old hospice worker who uses his powers to help patients pass on without pain. Oh yeah, and he runs into a gang of traveling psychic vampires called The Tribe, who feed on people's energy.

King was unhappy with Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film version of his novel, and went on to make his own T.V. mini-series adaptation of the book in 1997. (But it's hard to dislodge images of Danny riding a Big Wheel along the carpeted hotel hallways, the twin girls, "REDRUM," and Jack Nicholson wielding an ax from people's minds.)

Since King writes books faster than James Franco takes on new careers, he of course has another new one coming out on November 8 titled 11/22/63, a time-travel sci-fi novel involving JFK. It's already been announced that Jonathan Demme will be writing, producing, and directing a film adaptation of that book. And if they make a film adaptation of Dr. Sleep, we know there'll be no Scatman Crothers, but how about a Shelley Duvall cameo as a hospice patient?