Strauss-Kahn biography says maid “unabashedly stared at his organ”

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In DSK's Affairs: The Counter-Inquiry, a new biography on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, author Michel Taubmann claims that maid Nafissatou Diallou was not raped in Strauss-Kahn's hotel room; rather, she was merely cravin' a quick fix of the former IMF director's penis. Excerpts from the book were released in Paris Match this week, one of which has been translated by French politics excerpt Art Goldhammer as the following: 

"She headed toward the door but seemed to be in no hurry. She looked
him straight in the eye. Then she unabashedly stared at his organ. The
flesh is weak. DSK interpreted this as a proposition. The situation
amused him. He did not resist the temptation of fellatio. The act was
rapid, very rapid. But it is contrary to the laws of physics that
without a weapon he could have forced his 'victim' to kneel." Later,
we are told, he passed her in the hall, and she waved to him and said

In addition to slut-shaming an alleged sexual assault victim and postulating alternative theories about the laws of physics in relation to blow jobs, the book also claims that Strauss-Kahn frequently participated in wild "swingers' nights" with women who were "usually" not prostitutes. Sounds like hard-hitting investigative journalism at its best!

Although the excerpts don't contain any direct quotes from DSK, Taubmann says he met with him at least six times since the sexual assault allegations emerged in May, and the book is being touted by publishers as an account of Strauss-Kahn's version of events. Lawyers for Diallou state that the book is "complete fantasy."