Tao Lin, Seattle Stranger mock Jonathan Franzen, Time Magazine

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Tao Lin and the Seattle Stranger mock Jonathan Franzen and Time Magazine.

Tao Lin will make fun of you, and Seattle's The Stranger will help him do it — make fun of you if you are either Jonathan Franzen or Time Magazine, that is.

As many of you recall, Jonathan Franzen was recently made crown prince of the literary world when he showed up on the cover of Time, which labeled him "Great American Novelist." Of course, a lot of people didn't appreciate this and reacted accordingly. And to Tao Lin, reacting accordingly means parodying that cover with his own for The Stranger:

Tao Lin on the cover of the Seattle Stranger.

For the sake of reference (please note the bylines for each cover story), here's the Franzen one: 

Jonathan Franzen on the cover of "Time" magazine.

Hmmph. Well, I know which one I prefer. Which do you?