Tony Blair eligible for ‘Bad Sex Award’

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Tony Blair eligible for Bad Sex award.

A Journey, the recently published memoirs of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has been receiving a lot of attention, not all of it positive. For instance, the book has made Mr. Blair eligible for an award from the Literary Review — the 'Bad Sex Award,' that is.

As The Guardian wryly notes, the award is normally reserved for the worst sex scenes in fiction, making the insult threefold: it questions his sexual prowess, his literary skills, and his honesty. 

Said the Literary Review's deputy editor Tom Fleming, "It's absolutely unprecedented. He's groundbreaking in every way."

Other contenders this year are Ian McEwan's Solar and Martin Amis' The Pregnant Widow, whose title alone probably deserves some sort of award. It's still early in the voting stage, however, so there may still be time for you to pen an even worse sex scene.