Occupy Wall Street is writing its own history book

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Occupy wall street the book

"On September 17th, 2011 a small group of anti-capitalist demonstrators assembled amid the chrysanthemum planters of Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan. Their purpose was straightforward: to occupy the square in protest at the bankers on nearby Wall Street who, having wrecked the American economy, had got away scot-free, continuing to pay themselves eye-watering bonuses while the rest of the country was devastated by foreclosures and layoffs."

So begins Occupying Wall Street: The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America. Yep, OWS is coming out with its own history book, just in time for the movement's three-month anniversary this December. Some things that should not be forgotten get lost. History becomes legend, legend becomes myth. (That's from Lord of the Rings.) Other things that are happening right now get made into retrospective books. 

What can you expect from OWS: The Inside Story? Read on…

"In these pages you will discover how the protest was devised and planned, how its daily needs of security, food, clean-up, legal advice, medical assistance and media relations are organized, and how it has won extensive support from trade unions and social movements… The lessons of transparency and horizontal democracy that Occupy Wall Street has drawn from the Arab Spring and ‘indignados’ movement in Europe are examined, together with the actions’ role in inspiring other similar protests around the US."

It's hard to say exactly what else might pop up in the book, because in true OWS spirit, it's being written collectively. Who knows what classic moments will be included? It really makes me nostalgic about these past five weeks…