Watch: Celebrities read from David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King”

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PEN Center USA recently paid tribute to late author David Foster Wallace by enlisting various actors, comedians, and Henry Rollins (Rollins is almost as multi-hyphenated as James Franco, I think) to read from his unfinished, posthumously-published final novel, The Pale King. The book runs over 500 pages, and centers around the employees of the very exciting IRS in Peoria, Illinois in 1985. If anyone could bring humor to the dry world of auditing, it was Wallace.

The monologues performed at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills followed other previous public readings of the work. It's not surprising that Henry Rollins is a Wallace fan. You would kind of expect that. I bet he hasn't made it through Infinite Jest though. Others reading included Adam Scott, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Nick Offerman. You wonder what Wallace would have made of all this if he could have seen it, like Tom Sawyer at his own funeral. He probably would have written a funny and interesting piece on the intra-mortal meta-cognition of ceremonial banality or something. It's a shame they didn't get Ben Stein for the audio book; he would have been perfect.