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Staying in love is hard. What do we need to keep things fresh in the bedroom and beyond? Well, one answer might be butt implants. Over the past 15 years, the procedure is up 115%.

If medically enlarging your butt isn’t your thing, this guy in Time magazine might have the answer. He thinks the problem with your relationship is that you’re two different people. Perhaps next year’s trend will be couples getting surgically attached to one another.

Apparently Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend chose the sex of their baby because they are stupid vapid people who want to socially engineer the future. At least that’s what the Internet says.

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“Can you believe┬áthis weather…oh yeah, that sports team is cool…what kind of dog is this?” Yes, friends that is “small talk,” which you better learn to love because it’s all you’ve got┬áto find love.

In conclusion we’d like to remind everyone to check yourself before running in tight pants on national TV. This gives new meaning to phrase, “keep it in your pants.”