17 states are trying to make Snoop Dogg’s malt liquor illegal

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Snoop Dogg blast

Seriously, I don't even know why I bother anymore. Once again, lawmakers have decided that attacking festively packaged, candy-flavored drinks that get you wasted is the best possible use of their time, and are now trying to ban Snoop Dogg's "Blast" malt liquor in seventeen different states. And these ones don't even have caffeine in them!

A letter sent by seventeen different state attorney generals to Pabst — the parent company for Blast — accused the 12% alcohol beverage of being a "binge-in-a-can," claiming that the wacky packaging and delicious flavors somehow target underage drinkers.

Pabst responded with the follow statement:

"Blast is only meant to be consumed by those above legal drinking age. As with all Pabst products, our marketing efforts for Blast are focused on conveying the message of drinking responsibly. To that end, the alcohol content of Blast is clearly marked on its packaging."

I mean really, what part about the kicking neon bronco on the can doesn't say "drink responsibly" to you? For his part, Snoop Dogg has yet to comment.