Eighteen-year-old waitress named “Britain’s Most Beautiful Face”

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People recently named Beyonce their 2012 "Most Beautiful Woman" (burnishing their multicultural credentials following J. Lo last year), and of course, there's been the usual flurry of people shaking their heads over the silly notion that something as subjective as beauty could be given such a definitive title. But over in England, chip-shop waitress Florence Colgate, named "Britain's Most Beautiful Face" in a cosmetics-company contest, appears to have science to thank for her victory.

The eighteen-year-old Colgate, a student and weekend waitress at a fish-and-chip shop, has damn-near mathematically perfect looks — her enviably-proportioned face apparently possesses the "optimum ratio" between mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead. (Something the ancient Greeks figured out for us. Thanks, ancient Greeks.) Colgate now joins the company of such auspiciously-proportioned celebrities as Elizabeth Hurley, Shania Twain, and Jessica Alba.

You might think that, with a 32.8% relative distance between eyes and mouth, and a distance-between-eyes ratio of 44% (a 46% ratio relative to the width of the face is said to be ideal), Colgate was some narcissistic monster admiring herself in the mirror all day. But no, in interviews, she appears humble, unfazed by the responsibility that comes with being the literal face of an entire idea of beauty. Colgate says she's planning on studying business management, but she wouldn't mind a career in modeling either, and with such science-approved looks, she stands a pretty good chance.