And you thought that whole "Nearly fifty percent of Southern voters think Obama is a secret Muslim" thing was cray. This, my friends, is cray. Polls from Public Policy Polling have revealed that twenty-nine percent of likely GOP voters in Mississippi think that interracial marriage should be illegal. Twenty-one percent of likely GOP voters in Alabama joined them.

Um. Holy shit. Now, of course, fifty-four percent of likely GOP voters in Mississippi said that mixed-race marriage should remain legal, which is encouraging, but really? Slightly over half of the GOP base in Mississippi are out of the Jim Crow era? That's the best they can do? I mean, they're GOP voters, and it is the deep South, so I'm not that surprised, but really? Slightly over half?

The rest of the voters identified as "not sure," which...uh, quick math moment... 54 + 29 is 83, so seventeen percent of voters aren't sure? I'm not sure whether I want tacos or a burrito from the food truck outside Nerve right now. That's something to be unsure about. But I'm pretty sure you should be able to draw the line on where you stand on interracial marriage. 

You know, sometimes I just feel bad for the South. It's hot down there, and people don't move very fast, so sometimes I get my East-Coast-Liberal-Internet-Type Patronizing Glasses on and imagine that whole swampy region as a big ol' herpetarium filled with diabeetus and red Solo cups. But then something like this comes along.

Let's all be clear about one thing: one-hundred percent of people should be in favor of (or at the very least have no problem with) interracial marriage. Fact. If not, you are a racist. And racists — again, so we're all clear — are dickheads. There are certain views I'll defend anyone's right to hold — bless their misguided little hearts — but this is not one of them.

I mean, just this morning I was defending the South against people like Mitt Romney, who swoop in talkin' 'bout grits and droppin' their "g"'s as if them poor crackers down South are that easily swayed into votin' for 'em and such, but now, I'm not so sure. Mississippi, Alabama — you deserve all the pandering you get. 

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Mar 13 12 - 7:32pm

Did you mean "Crazy", instead of "Cray"?

Mar 13 12 - 8:58pm
don't be cray cray

No, pretty sure the writer meant "cray." It's what all the kids are saying these days.

Mar 13 12 - 9:50pm

Came here to protest this asinine word. I HATE IT SO MUCH

Mar 14 12 - 11:59am

God I weep for the future of language.

Mar 13 12 - 9:00pm
bunavice acted

Don't forget that Obama changes how he speaks depending on whether his audience is predominantly black or white. Romney's not doing anything any that most other national politicians haven't also done.

But you hit the nail on the head with this sentence (um, three sentences): "100 percent of people should be in favor of (or at the very least have no problem with) interracial marriage. Fact. If not, you are a racist. And racists — again, so we're all clear — are dickheads."

Mar 13 12 - 9:18pm
Mississippi Resident

Yes, that's really shameful. Bashing the entire state doesn't help. Lumping people who share one neutral characteristic into an unidentifiable group that share all the worst characteristics kind of smacks of any other different type of -ism. Disrespectful.

Mar 13 12 - 11:41pm

Nooooot really. The Mississippi GOP voters as a whole have to be pretty fucked up if they allow about 46% of their voters to be 'not sure' or against interracial marriage. If something like that happened on the liberal side I feel like they wouldn't even be considered liberal. Find those atrocious numbers in some less redneck-y/backwards and more civilized states and I'll apologize for grouping all 'Mississippi GOP' voters as complete fucking racist idiots.

Mar 14 12 - 12:26am
@MS Resident

Sorry, dude, but either move away or make it better. If you identify as a resident of MS, you've gotta take your lumps for the shitty things your state does and says. Also, respect is something that's earned, not given by default; it's not clear what about Mississippi deserves respect these days.

Mar 14 12 - 1:37am

Despite all this Liberal Open Mindness only 10 percent of people marry outside their race.
And oh, Murdering Black people in Mississippi isn't quite the sport it is in "progressive" NYC where the NYPD regularly guns down innocent black men. Funny that such a Liberal city ALLOWS ITS POLICE to behave as such. Maybe we can take a poll on that.

Mar 14 12 - 10:14am
Alex Heigl

Actually, Greg, the NYPD has been doing pretty well in that regard.

Now, unlawful or unethical arrests are still another matter, but I still don't think "murdering black people" is the NYC sport you're making it out to be. There's plenty wrong with the NYPD, but they don't need any more slander -- they can drag themselves through the mud just fine.

Mar 14 12 - 9:13pm

Also, who the fuck cares how many people marry outside their race? The fact is that you have a right to, and nobody should even think that you don't have that right (or shouldn't have that right). Personal preference is another matter entirely. Many people connect with others where they share something in common. Many times that happens to include race, or people are just attracted to people of their own race. And fuck your talk about the NYPD Greg, you tell me the statistics on crime and neighborhoods and demographics. Also, at the end of 2010, "Of the 22,199 officers on patrol, nearly 53% were black, Latino or Asian, marking the first time minorities outnumbered whites by any significant measure, according to police department statistics reviewed by The Wall Street Journal." Explain that.

Mar 14 12 - 2:26am

Dear Alex Heigl, Spellchecker, don't be cray cray and djg:

"cray" (sic) does not mean "crazy" and is not a typo.

"kray" means "gangsta", as in "that shit kray" (from Jay-Z and Kanye's "N*ggas in Paris), as in the Krays---1960's British underworld gangsters (and fraternal twins) Ronald and Reginald Kray, immortalized in the 1990 film "The Krays".

Why the fuck is everyone (except me, of course) who comments on a Nerve news story an utter douche?

Mar 14 12 - 12:08pm

Possibly because listening to people mangle the language and make our ears and eyes bleed to have to hear or read it brings out the "douche" in us to you. Just because Jay-Z and Kanye use it, doesn't make it any less stupid, and just cause it's the slang of the moment doesn't mean it's going to make any less sense idiotic to future generations. But if pointing out the stupidity of the word makes us douches in your eyes S, and you want to be the defender of a dumbass word that nobody is going to care about in 100 years, so be it.

Mar 14 12 - 1:10pm
Lady Grantham

Oh quiet, you self-identified bold defender of the English language. I don't see you speaking in the dialect of my username's era. But NOOOOO, the current iteration of our language represents the pinnacle of English! That's it guys, no room for any more words here! Do that and you're "mangling the language"! Honestly the only reasoning I can see behind these kinds of reactions is rooted entirely in elitism. Do you suppose that Jay-Z and Kanye, two of the most influential pop culture icons of our time, should have no influence over the evolution of popular language? Give me a reason that doesn't come straight from your ivory tower and maybe I'll consider your position.

Mar 14 12 - 3:37am

Yeah it's pretty stupid here. But it's mostly the old people in small towns, the ones who still think it's okay to shoot black people if they're on their property. I'm the only one in my friend group and one of the only ones in my school of 600 that identifies as anywhere near liberal. It's really sad.

Mar 14 12 - 10:07am

No whiney bozos who ironically drink PBR while wearing Che t-shirts? Sounds like heaven.

Mar 14 12 - 10:53am

So move there. Easy solution. Also consider moving from Nerve to Stormfront.