29-year-old dude becomes U.K.’s youngest grandfather

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A man in Wales is all but set to become the youngest grandfather in all of the United Kingdom. How did he do it? By having a daughter at the age of fourteen who would go on to have her own child at fourteen.

Now twenty-nine, he said he was "fuming" when he first found out his daughter was pregnant. But then he changed his mind, sort of:

“It’s like history repeating itself. I quite like the idea of being the youngest granddad in Britain, but at the same time I’m fuming that she is pregnant…. I don’t feel like a granddad — I’ve not got grey hair and my hearing is top-notch.”

He also went on the explain how this affected the rest of his family tree. His mom, for example, is about to become a forty-seven-year-old great-grandmother.

“She was 18 when she had me. She was shocked when I told her the news, but she is happy now. Her own mum is alive, and so too is her grandmother, who will become a great-great-great grandmother. There can’t be too many families with six generations alive at the same time."

The Queen must be proud.